Friday, March 31, 2023
Little Pasture on the Prairie

Little Pasture on the Prairie


Eliza Blue is better than no help at all around the ranch, but sometimes only barely. Recently, she leveled up to cattle sorting.
cattle in the snow

Maybe, winter chores aren’t so bad. Maybe they are the antidote to the malaise of modern life. And maybe, just maybe, Eliza Blue will make it through March.

Rising egg prices remind Eliza Blue to be grateful for the small bounty her aging flock of hens provide her and her family each day.
barn kittens

It's too bad cat ranching isn't a lucrative business model. Because if it was, Eliza Blue would have all the success.

This is the part of the summer when Eliza Blue discovers what the defining insect infestation of the season is going to be. It looks like grasshoppers.

Every winter around this time, baby lambs begin prancing through Eliza Blue's dreams — no matter how exhausted she was during the previous lambing season.
sunset over a prairie

Eliza Blue enjoys the gentler pace of life on her ranch as of late, welcoming the change.
jersey cow

A recent trip to the barn to milk her old milk cow, Rita, reminded Eliza Blue why she is thankful for her life on a ranch and all its gifts. 
splitting wood

Perhaps enlightenment isn't an antidote to the drudgery of mundane chores. Rather, enlightenment is discovering the joy inherent within these tasks.

Eliza Blue welcomes a couple of friends she made that first night of college to visit her ranch and help with lambing.