Friday, June 9, 2023
Little Pasture on the Prairie

Little Pasture on the Prairie


Eliza Blue counts her blessings following an abrupt end to her journey spanning 12 days, five states and 2,700 miles.

Plants that grow in South Dakota do so without aid because years of evolution taught them to thrive there. Humans that live there have to be like that, too.
black cat

Eliza Blue has been worried about Mama Cat for months as she vanished shortly after being spayed. Fortunately, she was just on vacation.
dandelion at sunset

Eliza Blue ruminates on what it means to live a life well lived, as her days are marked by both the beginnings and ends of lives.

Eliza Blue welcomes a couple of friends she made that first night of college to visit her ranch and help with lambing.

The first of May isn't always spring in South Dakota. But Eliza Blue feels it's finally arrived on her ranch and she's soaking up every bit of it.
cattle in the snow

Maybe, winter chores aren’t so bad. Maybe they are the antidote to the malaise of modern life. And maybe, just maybe, Eliza Blue will make it through March.
prairie flowers

Eliza Blue is struck by the simplicity and beauty of telling herself, “You are making too big a deal of this.”

Eliza Blue shares a story from back when she still had a rooster and more chickens and chicks than she knew what to do with.
lamb in pasture

Eliza Blue learned lessons she expected to during lambing season this year. With the help of Mother Nature, it turned out to be her most successful one yet.