Friday, September 30, 2022

Last week, the Russian proposal to allow Ukraine to export grain tanked prices. This week, prices rebounded as traders realized how difficult that would be.

News that Russia will allow exports from Ukraine pushed corn futures down 50 cents, soybeans down 17 cents and wheat down $1.17 for the week.

Planting progress continues to be the talk of the day around the marketing world and Marlin Clark weighs in in this week's grain markets report.
planting soybeans

Marlin Clark provides a planting progress update and weighs in on recent changes in the grain markets.

Kansas City hard red winter wheat is trading above $13 a bushel. Minneapolis spring wheat is not far behind. Marlin Clark weighs in on high wheat prices.
Tilled field

An unforeseen war has contributed to spiking grain prices. At the same time, planting is getting historically late. 
grain silos

Although current commodity prices may not be a major concern for farmers, there's plenty to worry about. Marlin Clark outlines his grain market concerns.

Given the uncertainty and fear in the futures markets, analysts now expect large swings in commodity prices in short periods of time. Marlin Clark explains.
Ethanol sign

On the surface, it would seem that allowing E15 would be a boon for production. It is not that simple. Marlin Clark explains in this week's grain report.

Corn, wheat and soybean prices were all higher on the Chicago Board of Trade this week. Marlin Clark explains the recent changes in the grain markets.