Friday, September 30, 2022
wheat field

Marlin Clark does his best to break down and explain recent changes in the corn, soybean and wheat markets.

Planting progress continues to be the talk of the day around the marketing world and Marlin Clark weighs in in this week's grain markets report.
soybean field

Marlin Clark breaks down price changes in this week's grain markets in light of the Ukrainian port of Odessa opening up and a wetter-than-expected July.

Dominating the markets for the next few days will be positioning ahead of the Sept. 12 U.S. Department of Agriculture crop production report.

News that Russia will allow exports from Ukraine pushed corn futures down 50 cents, soybeans down 17 cents and wheat down $1.17 for the week.

For planting and growth progress, Ohio has been the worst state most of the spring, passed only occasionally by Indiana. That greenhouse weather the weekend of July 20 didn't tip the market one way or the other though.

Even grain market analyst Marlin Clask has to deal with the reality that the market is never wrong as he explains this week's commodity prices.

The latest changes in the grain markets have been influenced partly by recent weather and partly by bad fertilizer production news from Europe.

Marlin Clark weighs in on the USDA world agricultural supply and demand estimates report, which provided surprise and reaction to the market on Sept. 12.

The grain market is trying to stage a rally based on a smaller crops for this year, but the markets for next year are looking to put a cap on gains.