Friday, September 30, 2022

Marlin Clark explains the unexpected results of the March 31 prospective plantings report and the March 1 grain stocks report.

July wheat futures dropped over 75 cents, and that crash is affecting corn and soybeans prices, Marlin Clark explains in this week's grain markets report.
grain silos

Marlin Clark offers insight into corn, soybean, wheat and petroleum prices as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.

Marling Clark explains how outside markets and abnormal market influences are dominating grain prices in this week's grain markets report.
wheat field

When uncertainty hits markets that trade on knowledge lack of knowledge is scary, and high prices and volatility result. 
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The effects of the war in Ukraine on the grain markets were violent and volatile, and Marlin Clark believes, we will be talking about them for a long time.

Marlin Clark considers how the incursion of Russian armored troops into eastern Ukraine may affect grain prices.
Brazil soybean plantation

Marlin Clark speculates on the recent changes in grain prices, estimated yields for South American crops and the continued market volatility.

Soybeans have led commodity markets higher in recent days. The weather chickens are coming home to roost, as speculation about problems in South America are being realized in early harvest results. 
sun in corn field

Grain markets continued bullish action on the Chicago Board of Trade last week. Marlin Clark weighs in in this week's grain markets report.