Friday, April 12, 2024

As planting looms, farmers need to decide whether they are planting corn, soybeans or something else, and current grain prices aren't helping.
man confused

To say the numbers released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service are incredible is an understatement. To say they are being met with disbelief is universal. The grain market will be shaken for much of the summer.
soybean harvesting

Marlin Clark offers insight into corn and soybean futures, following Labor Day weekend.
combine in corn field

Corn prices the past three weeks have broken the downtrend; however, the soybean downtrend continues. Marlin Clark weighs in this week's grain report.
meat packing plant

Marlin Clark analyzes the market impacts of major meat packing houses closing because of outbreaks of COVID-19 in their workers.

Soybeans have led commodity markets higher in recent days. The weather chickens are coming home to roost, as speculation about problems in South America are being realized in early harvest results. 

A fair amount of corn and soybeans still remain in the fields in Ohio, but it remains to be seen just when the harvest will finally end.
drought corn Farm and Dairy file photo

It's dry out there and grain prices remain low. Marlin Clark weighs in on planting progress, crop conditions and corn, soybean and wheat prices.
Corn during drought 2012

All major commodities were stronger last week, as observers decided that we are in a drought of large proportions and that crop ratings are declining.
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The new tax law gives a 20 percent deduction of the gross proceeds for any commodities sold by farmers to a co-op. That is not just huge, it's gigantic.