Thursday, March 21, 2019
soybeans at sunset

Most soybean farmers are deferring sales, waiting for higher prices.
corn field partially harvested

The U.S. grain market is finding it hard to define what is going on, and that results in nervous traders and a directionless market, says our fearless grain commentator Marlin Clark.
grain barge

The three-month trade negotiation period with China comes at a bad time for farmers, as it stretches out the period of our lack of sales of soybeans into the time when new crop beans will become available out of South America.

Ag policy doesn't make sense (except to produce cheap food), says grain merchandiser Marlin Clark in his column this week.

A fair amount of corn and soybeans still remain in the fields in Ohio, but it remains to be seen just when the harvest will finally end.
Flooded field

A challenging year is about to come to a close. What lessons have we learned?
corn field partially harvested

Grain merchandiser Marlin Clark says only the strong seasonal trend of corn especially to rally after harvest gives us hope for better grain prices.
planting wheat

Problems in Kansas planting their hard red winter wheat is supporting both the Kansas City and Chicago wheat markets.
A combine with a full bin of corn.

Plagued by rain, the western Corn Belt is finally catching up with harvest, and wheat planting.
Fall harvest, 2018

Farmers needed the kind of weather we're having right now, and hopefully it will continue.
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