Saturday, February 4, 2023

The good news this week is that there is no news in the grain markets. No news this time of year is good news.
Christmas barn

Marlin Clark offers an update on the relatively stagnant grain markets in this week's grain markets report.
barge on the Mississippi River

Marlin Clark weighs in on a couple of transportation issues that have threatened to stall grain movements in the U.S. and impacted grain prices.
wheat field, Lake Erie, water quality,

A lack of big news items in the grain markets is limiting the price movement these days. Marlin Clark provides insight in this week's grain markets report.

Marlin Clark offers an update on the grain markets heading into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Uncertainty over the reliability of Ukraine's grain exports has created volatile markets. Marlin Clark offers insight into the latest shifts.

Marlin Clark breaks down how the grain markets have been impacted by grain shipments out of Ukraine and drought conditions in the plains states.

Marlin Clark breaks down recent fluctuations in grain prices as the grain markets continue to be impacted by Russia's war in Ukraine.
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In Marlin Clark's weekly conference call, the common opinion among grain market analysts was that harvested crops have been surprisingly good. 
barge on the Mississippi River

Farmers are pleased with corn yields, but not excited about soybean results. Marlin Clark explains the changes in this week's grain markets.