Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Editor: It seems like the only time anybody ever focuses closely upon the operations of our county government is during election season. This is...

Editor: This year started out with Humane Society of the United States hiring signature gathers who lied to the people about what they were signing....

One reader believes we must return to a time when we can have open discussions on all topics both agricultural and political without fear of being labeled.

James Comp of Dorset explains the guidelines under which he operates his dairy farm.
Justice scales

Portage County residents share concerns about Ohio's injection wells and control of wastes.

Writer calls bankers, analysts, brokers and money managers "parasitic terrorists."

Patsy M. Stuckey, 94, of Alliance, Ohio, responds to Hugh Earnhart's Feb. 20, 2020, column, Orphan trains carried at-risk youth west.

Editor:The 2009 annual Harrison County Junior Fair Livestock Sale has come and gone, and was a tremendous success. A special thanks goes out to...

Editor: I recently read the article about the Wayne County hog farmer accused of animal abuse (Hog farm investigated for abuse, Dec. 21, 2006). I...

A reader shares the story of land seized from a farmer near the village of Lagrange, concluding eminent domain may be legal, but perhaps not ethical.