Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A community's outreach leaves Columbiana County farm family thankful, despite health hurdles that remain.

Editor: At a time that we are being drowned in a sea of illegal aliens and at risk daily from Islamo-fascist terrorists, the Bush administration is quietly advancing the construction of a massive superhighway that will all but obliterate our borders with Canada and Mexico.

Editor: I recently read the article about the Wayne County hog farmer accused of animal abuse (Hog farm investigated for abuse, Dec. 21, 2006). I...

Reader challenges other dairyment to do their part in stopping milk pooling and depooling.

Reader says President George Bush's "recess appointment" of controversial Tom Dorr as undersecretary of agriculture for rural development, after the Senate Ag Committee refused to recommend his confirmation to the full Senate can only be termed a vulgar abuse of power.

Editor:The Dairy Price Stabilization Bill, H.R. 5288, in the House has a companion bill in the Senate that needs the same support.All Ohio dairy...

I have served as the United High School band announcer for many years and wish to relate a recent conversation I had.

Why is Ohio so afraid of a premise identification program?

Editor: Dairy farmers across the nation are once again left without effective farm bill legislation. Another year of hard work by dairy farm groups to...

The president and chief executive officer for Farm Credit Services of Mid-America writes to refute an Alan Guebert column.