Hazard A Guess: Week of Dec. 17, 2009


Hello from Hazard!

Reaching w-a-a-a-y back for Item No. 876 (only two items ago, but it’s been hanging on for more than four weeks): Two readers confirm Randy Winland’s suspicion that it was used to set some type of snaps on clothing.

More specifically, write Mike Boss, of Akron, Ohio, and longtime Hazard reader Robert Kwalwasser, of Renfrew, Pa., it is used to attach buttons on ladies’ shoes (not fasten them, but to put the buttons in place). Kwalwasser said two versions he has were used to apply staples to attach the bows to ladies’ or children’s shoes — and since he operated a shoe store in the 1950s, we’ll defer to his expertise!

Thanks to both for persevering to write in.

* * *

It’s been three weeks, and only James Cogar, of Canton, Ohio, responded on Item No. 877, sent in by Wayne Franks, of Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

Cogar says it is a saw set for a two-man cross-cut saw. The two lugs on the bottom are driven down in a stump in the field, and the sawtooth is hammered down on the top.

So be it (unless the mailbag says otherwise).


Item No. 877

* * *

Last week was the first viewing of Item No. 878, submitted by Maxine Sharrock, of West Lafayette, Ohio.

But you all must be Christmas shopping, because we received no responses. Here is again this week.


Item No. 878

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