Can you hazard a guess on what this antique metal tool is?

Item No. 1160

Hello from Hazard!

Item No. 1159

Still nothing on Item No. 1159. Steve Mandl, of Jamestown, Pennsylvania, submitted the item. He said he finds these all over the farm, including the fence rows. This one may go down as a true mystery.




Item No. 1158

Richard Bader, of Middletown, New York, agrees that Item No. 1158 is a corn sheller and also a corn cracker. He believes the item came from Germany. He said you would sit on a stool and the strap went around your waist. You would drop an ear of corn in and twist back and forth to shell corn. Thanks, Richard.



Item No. 1160

We will move on to Item No. 1160 submitted by Ben Kinsinger, of Oakland, Maryland. The bottom piece can flap up and down and the point doesn’t line up with the clamp.
Do you know what the item is or how it is used? Email us at; or by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.


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