Do you know what this antique tool was used for?


Hello from Hazard!
We have a winner on Item No. 1092, first shared in the Nov. 9 issue.
Charlie Wilson, of North Canton, writes that the item is a temporary cleat used to get a tractor (or truck or car) out of the mud (or snow). You strap this around your tire, the chain through a hole in the rim — much like a heavy duty form of individual tire chains that are also made to mount this way.
He continues that usually they’re used in pairs, so both wheels on the driven axle can get traction. He said he has used the chain version, but never had a heavy cleat version like the one shown.
Our thanks to Charlie and to Randy Winland, of Prospect, Ohio, for submitting the item.

We’ll move along to Item No. 1093 submitted by Gayle Blair, of Beloit, Ohio. The top measures 13 inches and the bottom is 8 inches across. The height is 12 inches.
Gayle knows what it is, but do you?
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