Do you recognize Item No. 1248?

ITEM NO. 1248
ITEM NO. 1248. Submitted photo.

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Going back to Item No. 1245, Clark Colby, of North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, said he thinks it may be a shop-made tool for any of several potential uses. For example, it is vaguely similar to this chainsaw-chain and roller-chain breaker used for breaking and joining the ends of various kinds of light roller chain found around the farm.

John Tarleton, of Salem, Ohio, submitted the item.

ITEM NO. 1245
ITEM NO. 1245. Submitted photo.


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We had another response on Item No. 1246. We had guesses last week of frog or fish gigger and a musky clamp.

Sue Ellen King, of Columbus, said Item No. 1246 is used to pick up ice.

Keith Greathouse, of Uniontown, Ohio, submitted Item No. 1246. The jaws open up and clamp down when contact is made.

Item No. 1246
ITEM NO. 1246. Submitted photo.

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We had several readers respond on Item No. 1247.

Randy Winland, of Prospect, Ohio, said it appears to be an apple butter/butchering stirrer. Randy said the wood stirrer was used to when making apple butter (usually in a copper kettle) to stir the hot mixture so it wouldn’t become scorched. “A similar item was used when butchering to stir meat as it was being cooked in large (usually in a cast iron) kettle. The long handle enabled the user to stand back from the hot flames while still being able to reach the kettle,” Randy said.

Randy Patsy, of East Brady, Pennsylvania; Bob Kramer, of Springboro, Ohio; Ed and Vicky Marstellar; and Phil Hewitt, of Beaver, Pennsylvania, all agree with Randy Winland.

Brian Allman submitted Item No. 1247.

ITEM NO. 1247
ITEM NO. 1247. Submitted photo.

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Dan Kerniskey, of Eastlake, Ohio is wondering if Item No. 1248 is significant in any way. It is reminiscent of the brass coins a miner would have with their stamped number to keep count of filled coal cars. The key has a No. 4 on it, and there is nothing on the back of the star.

Do you know what the item is and how it was used? Let us know by emailing us at; or by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.


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