Friday, February 3, 2023
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If she could have lived in another decade, Julie Geiss would have chosen the early part of the 1920s.

Judith Sutherland's mother recalls the complicated process of doing laundry before electric appliances simplified the chore.

The new year brings one of the biggest physical loans to the MAPS Air Museum: a C-130H Hercules Air Force combat cargo aircraft.

Looking through the ads in a Jeromesville Senior High School yearbook dated 1950, Judith Sutherland recalls a version of her town in the past.

Julie Geiss shares her grandfather's arrowhead collection with her children, focusing on the history of the artifacts that he uncovered.

Judith Sutherland recalls visiting Miss Margaret Stover, who had chosen to remain in the century to which she had been born.

Eliza Blue marvels at the small grove of cottonwood trees on her South Dakota ranch, recalling indigenous Americans' teachings about the trees.

Kevin Locke, Tokeya Inajin, was a preeminent player of the indigenous flute, traditional Lakota storyteller, culture bearer, recording artist and educator.

Julie Geiss considers the history and ecology of Maumee Bay State Park as she travels to visit family in southeastern Michigan.

Dean and James Barr have been working to set up a charitable organization to preserve the Snake Den Mounds Group near Ashville, Ohio, for future research.