Election Eve Blues


By the time this is read, election day will be over.


Some of the all too numerous campaign signs that have cropped up along our roads and in yards like the worst cast of “litter” will start to disappear. I say the sooner the better. I’m sorry to feel that election time is becoming a time of year that I dread, but some of my pet peeves are at an all-time peak because of political campaigns.

I shouldn’t complain about television campaign ads even though they remind me of how much money is being spent. Watching TV is a choice I opt for too often and could do without. What about things I can’t make a choice with?

Junk mail and the quantities of paper we waste in this category alarm me. Before elections, we are bombarded with an additional buildup for the “thirteenth file.” Just what I need!

Another annoyance that usually leaves me hot and bothered is phone soliciting. I detest it. Any time of year, it’s bad enough, but before elections we add calls from “campaign camps” to the list. Using the telephone for promotional purposes is one thing I wish some of our elected officials would work against. Its unfortunate that at election time this becomes a method for furthering causes.

A campaign call intruded into my home as I struggled to answer the phone over a colander of hot noodles only to hear a candidates recorded message stating his name and reminding me to vote. I hung up. If anything, the call makes me not want to vote for that person.

How frustrating! I would never consciously miss my opportunity to vote, but I can almost see why some people might not bother. On election day eve, I can’t help thinking that the choices we face at the polls and this whole process we use in order to make them leaves a lot to be desired.

God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the ability to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference – in the voting booth. Amen


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