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Per usual, I’m always behind all the trends. I didn’t get COVID-19 when all the cool kids were getting COVID. No, I get COVID when it’s basically considered old news. Granted, that’s probably when you want to take part in a pandemic — after all the thrill is gone. 

I tested positive for COVID exactly one week into my mother’s hospital stay. The source is a mystery to no one. Despite all precautions, I clearly got COVID from hanging around the hospital which is understandable. Hospitals are simply crawling with sick people. 

What this means is I cannot see my mother and, worse, it threw my mother into isolation as soon as I informed the hospital. Obviously, those are all good precautions. Nonetheless, I would like everyone to know that I am over five decades old and I miss my mommy. 


I’m also the big baby that loves to stay home. Home is my favorite place. Go big or go home? I’m going home. Don’t threaten me with a good time. That aside, the moment I am confined to home my attitude becomes that of a grounded teenager. At that point, I want nothing more than to leave home.

I am on day five. People are sweet.  They video chat. They check-in. They leave care packages on the porch. 

Mr. Wonderful continues to live up to his monicker. He caters to me while keeping his distance. My full-time nurses are two fluffy dogs and a large cat. The dogs are very snuggly and loving. The cat wandered by and bit my hand lightly once. I’ll take it. I feel like he’s pulling for me. 

Getting COVID after everyone else has already had COVID means I get the benefit of everyone’s remedies: hot packs, cold compresses, epsom salt baths, tea and honey and gargling with apple cider vinegar. I guess none of them can hurt.

Getting through

Taking part in a pandemic in modern times means binge-watching television programs. This isn’t like when I was a child and it was basically me and “the Price is Right” on the sofa. 

No, we have so many options now. In the first two days, I watched three seasons of a teenage drama. I am now on to science fiction. That makes fever dreams funny. I go in and out of waking up to time travel. It’s trippy. 

I have so many lovely messages asking how I’m doing. My standard answer is that I do have COVID, but I’m doing much better than someone who just had a stroke. That is my new benchmark. Things can always be worse. Knock on wood.

My big goal is to get out of isolation so I can get up and go visit my mom in the hospital. The hospital where I may be exposed to more COVID. For mom, this is a chance I will take. I have trained for this my whole life. 

I grew up knowing that if we stepped on a crack we might break our mama’s back. Now I get to add to my skill set when I find out how long I can hold my breath while I’m in the hospital common areas. 


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