Hazard A Guess: Week of Feb. 18, 2010


Hello from Hazard!

One more response came in for Item No. 881 as an iron for pleats from Pat Scott of Stockport, Ohio. Thanks Pat!

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Our mailbox is full of responses on Item No. 882, shared by Randy Winland, of Prospect, Ohio.

We revealed last week that it’s a hose strap, or hose tool, used by firefighters to hold a fire hose on a ladder. The small hooked end goes around the hose and hooks on the strap. The large hooked end can be used to pull the hose and to hook on a ladder and help support the hose, giving the firefighter use of both hands to aim the hose. It also helps support the hose when going to higher stories.

Item No. 882

Thanks to Tom Keener; Neal Kuhn; Tom Van Nostran of Doylestown, Ohio; Tim Dodd of Broadview Heights, Ohio; Dan Ashcraft of Orient, Ohio, and Ken Diedrick of LaGrange, Ohio, both write the fire departments where they work still have them on every truck, but they are very seldom used; Bruce White of Orange Village, Ohio; Harold Markley of Shreve, Ohio; Donald Conroy of Youngstown; Charles Boos of Burbank, Ohio; William Bradley of Vienna, Ohio; Dave Linscott of Athens, Ohio; and Chuck Harubin of Normantown, Ohio.

Thanks to all who responded!

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We got one quick response to Item No. 883 submitted by Randy Winland.

Vivian Kosto of Chester, W.Va., wrote and said the item is a spreader to be used with an antique rope maker to keep strands of twine separated while making rope.

Thanks Vivian for your quick response!


Item No. 883

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On to new business, Item No. 884 was submitted by Frank Muellner of Mayfield Heights, Ohio. He knows what it is, but do you know what it is?


Item No. 884
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