Hazard A Guess: Week of July 24, 2003


Hello from Hazard!

Two readers matched identifications on item no. 686, so they must be right.

Carey Gaynor of Navarre, Ohio, and Tom Hooper of Richfield, Ohio, tell us the tool is used to trim grinding, or sand paper discs, used in auto body repairs.

Gaynor, who uses a tool similar to the one Hazard featured, says when the grit on the disc wears off, this tool was used to cut off the worn edge.

“The disc is placed under the handle and onto the round pin, which goes into the round hole on the disc [left side in our photo]. The handle is lowered and then the crank is turned the cutting wheel trims the edge of the disc,” Gaynor writes.

“The pin can be adjusted to move in or out so that different diameters of disc could be trimmed.”

Our thanks to these sharp-eyed readers for responding so promptly.

This week’s item comes from the stockpile shared by Les Howell of Beach City. Any idea as to its use?

Send your answers to: Hazard a Guess, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460; or via e-mail: editorial@farmanddairy.com.


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