Hazard A Guess: Week of September 25, 2003


Hello from Hazard!

Watching for news of the hurricane last week must have lulled Hazard readers to sleep, for a second mail-less week came and went.

Since Mike Esposito of Salem knew what the item was that he shared with readers, we’ll unveil Item No. 691 for you now, even though no one responded.

The tool was a Truhone knife sharpener. But we’re still perplexed as to the use of the opening on the right-hand side.

Anyway, here’s a new gizmo to gawk at… Item No. 692, shared via e-mail by Richard Miller.

The details: The base is copper and the crimped-on top, which does not come off, is brass.

There is no way to close the hole in the top and there is a copper tube that extends into the base. The base measures 4 1/2 inches across and 2 inches high. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll share more details next week if there are no good guesses.

If you know what this item was used for, send your answers to: Hazard a Guess, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460; or via e-mail to: editorial@farmanddairy.com.


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