Solve this hidden antique tool mystery


Hello from Hazard!
Aha! Tom Gill, from Canton, Ohio, wins the prize (wait! we give out prizes?!) for uncovering the use of Item No. 1078, submitted by Ed Homer, of Transfer, Pennsylvania.
Gill says it’s a machine to form the side of a bucket, and he shared a web link on the website that takes us to a brief description. Summarizing, the hand-cranked bending rollers curve and taper metal bucket body blanks. The bottom roll adjusts to suit various thickness of materials.
Thanks, Tom, for solving the mystery and including the link for more information! Pretty interesting, and I don’t think Hazard has featured anything like it in our 25+ years (but that’s a lot of hazard-ous items, so we might be mistaken).

We uncovered Item No. 1079 in a near-hidden envelope in our hazard-ous mess. It was part of a batch of photos from longtime reader Gailey Henderson of Williamstown, West Virginia. (And when I say near-hidden, I’m talking about a 2008 postmark on the envelope…)
As best as we can tell, we’ve never featured this one, so take a look and tell us if you know how this wooden item was used.
Email your responses to; or respond by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.

Have something you think would be a good item for Hazard a Guess? Send us a photo or attach a digital file to an email. Be sure to include complete dimensions and description, including markings, as well as an explanation of how the item was used. Send photos to the contact information listed above.
We promise not to bury it.

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