Help us identify Item No. 1243

Item No. 1243
Item No. 1243. Submitted photo.

Hello from Hazard and Happy Easter!

We had another guess come in on Item No. 1242. A.F. Fritz, of Valencia, Pennsylvania, said it is a shovel that was used in coal mines.

We had many different guesses on the item last week, including a “spoon and slick,” a tool to create gates in the sand, a brass shoe horn, something to take the ashes out of a coal burning stove, a tractor clutch pedal or vintage tractor part, striker for bricks and blocks, a shopkeeper dry goods scoop or an ash or sand shovel.

Sue Leipold, of Hickory, Pennsylvania, submitted Item No. 1242. She thinks it may be a bricklayer’s mortar striker, but she is not sure.

Item No. 1242
Item No. 1242. Submitted photo.

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Mark Wilson, of Malta, Ohio, said Item No. 1243 is a tool to connect and pull sucker rods from a shallow water or gas and oil well.

Marshall Clark, of Scio, Ohio, submitted the item. He said the top is a swivel. The slotted item on the bottom turns.

Take another look and let us know if you agree or disagree with Mark? Let us know by emailing us at; or by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.


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