I really am lucky to ‘get to’ be so stressed


I’m hoping that the good Lord can forgive me for wearing yoga pants to church.

It’s not so much that I think church is a comfortable, “come as you are” proposition (although our church is pretty casual and I do). No, I ended up wearing what amounts to wanna-be pajama pants to church because I didn’t have a thing to wear.

Not in the sense of petulant tantrum over the lack of my cute church appropriate clothing, but, rather, in the sense that I actually, physically, had nothing left to wear.

It was yoga pants or a bathrobe. In that vein I think the Lord — and the congregation — can really appreciate the workout wear.

Renovation continues

The reason I have nothing to wear to church — or the mailbox — is because we are currently in (what feels like) day 10,071 of the renovation of our bathroom and laundry room.

Regular readers are probably sick to bits of reading about our bathroom, but if it helps, I can tell you I myself am sick of living it.

In the midst of this, our laundry room has been out of commission. I think I could give up indoor plumbing almost easier than I can the ability to clean clothing and towels with ease.

Notice I said “almost.” We all know I’m all talk. I don’t like to give up ANY of my modern conveniences.

No Mr. Clean

In the way that a 98-cent part for a minor toilet repair burgeons into rebuilding the back half of your house (does that only happen to me?), likewise we go from that small part to standing in the endless aisle of an airplane hangar-sized home warehouse perusing the some 1,100 choices in laundry appliances.

I spent something like four hours learning the ins and outs and relative ratings of a variety of appliances that essentially slosh water and blow hot air.

Running on empty

I was already exhausted and it wasn’t even noon yet. I had been up late the night before ferrying Girlwonder and her friend home from an evening of ice skating.

(I remember the days when my nights didn’t start until 10 p.m. Now I have moments of wondering how I’m going to stay up late enough to bring my child home.)

That morning, I had been up very early to deliver a child safely to a Certified Referee Training Course and had to pick up groceries, a window frame, and now was sighing over having to add picking out appliances to my to-do list.

Throughout the week, I felt I had lived, eat, breathed and slept drywall dust and paint fumes. This was probably true.

Cook and clean and transport children. We had a snow day and two meetings, deadlines and bills for doctor visits and driving lessons and the beginning of seasons for soccer and track. I was full of myself and all the things I had to do. Frankly, I was feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself. Does no one understand the burden of my days?

Refueling my soul

I don’t believe you have to attend church to feel close to faith and the message. Nonetheless, I think the reason I personally attend — even in my yoga pants — is that I so often come away with a great message.

In this case the message was moving. Think of things not as what you “have” to do, but what you “get” to do. Change your attitude from one of burden to one of gratitude.

Upset because you “have to” cook and clean and take such care of a growing family? How about relishing the fact that you “get to” instead? We “get to” drive healthy, active kids to their many activities.

As I tripped over an air compressor power cord with force enough to nearly break my toe, I honestly thought to myself that we “get to” improve our homes (and our body’s internal level of drywall dust). Let’s be honest, an air compressor is a pretty fun tool to have — even if it is actively engaged in trying to maim you.

First world problems

While I was lamenting the cost and overwhelming level of choice there is in the world of washers these days (why are they so TRICKY these days?) the truth is that for all my annoyance at having to chose between so many bells, whistles and buttons the truth is that this was a “get to” of the luxurious sort and not really a “have to” at all. There is always the perfectly acceptable Laundromat — or laundry tub — option.


When we reset our attitude from one of being put upon to one of being blessed, so many things seem — if not easier — somehow blessed.

When you really get down to it, life is made up not of what you “have” to do but what you “get” to do — and that makes all the difference.


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