Letter writer expressed bigotry of his own


To the Editor:

In reference to the letter in the Dec. 7 Farm and Dairy (“Keep politics out of church…”), in condemning all Christians, the writer expresses the very hate and bigotry that he attributes to Christians. This is a free country and everyone has the night to say what they choose, but it’s a shame that people can build up so much hate in their hearts.

The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and that freedom includes the right to believe or to not believe. All citizens are given the right to vote regardless of their religious beliefs, and that means that Christians also have the right to vote.

The freedom of speech gives liberals and others the right to call me and all Christians whatever names they choose. It also gives them the right to support candidates in a presidential election and to accept a president who says it depends on what the word “is” means. It is a shame that liberals also think it gives them the right to write rules as they go along in the Florida election.

It is too bad that all people don’t think of honor and decency when they go to vote.

William G. Kariher

Columbiana, Ohio


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