Have a merry every day


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Granted, since I live in a strange world of filing columns a week ahead of publication, by the time you read this (sounds ominous) Christmas will have already passed (time travel!)

I’m not sure if this makes me the voice of the future, or the past? Whatever, it makes me the voice of (some) reason. Let’s go with that.
As I write this the tree it twinkling, the cookies are soon to be baking, and I am slowly freaking out as I make a list and check it twice (I lie. Try dozens of times).

As I have every year since I’ve been coordinating Christmas, I will panic in the 11th hour and add to the piles of gifts and stockings stuffers, plan even more food and become somehow convinced we will all starve to death if I don’t have a second pan of potatoes and enough cinnamon rolls to stretch from here to Canada.


One of my very favorite Christmas songs includes a very prophetic line: “We need a little Christmas now.” In truth, if you are reading this Dec. 26th, we probably don’t.

By the time you read this (that again) you have probably torn off all the wrappings, and gathered up the bows and recycled the box. You have sworn off cookies .You have had your fill of eggnog and pumpkin spice anything. (Next week: we diet!) You may, like me, be ready to unplug the lights, take down the tree(s), enjoy a renewed sense of space — and eat a salad.

You may love Christmas but be glad, just a wee tiny bit around the edges that it’s over. Well, I’m here to tell you — and me — it shouldn’t be.


If Christmas is a season beyond a single day, then I absolutely feel we should embrace that spirit all year long. I feel we should hope and plan and try to make it happen that all of our days, 365 of them, be merry and bright. May kindness, care and concern for our fellow man, woman and child not be restricted to the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas day. May we continue to do unto others as we would have done unto us. May we have all we need and most of what we want.

Maybe we should put as much effort into bringing the family together for a meal on a random Tuesday — or Sunday — as we do for a handful of holiday meals each year. Maybe we should send greetings and well wishes that say “I’m wishing you well and thinking of you” more than once or twice throughout the year.

Every day

Maybe we need to surround ourselves with family, friends, and loving kindness. Maybe we need to forgive ourselves and others and eat more cookies too. Maybe we should embrace the sparkle, shine and promise of every day.

Maybe we need a little Christmas now, and in March, April, May, June, July, August and September too. We give a nod to the fact that these days by the time we get to July, we do have Christmas in the stores at least. Now let’s try to move that special feeling of joy, love and goodwill into our hearts throughout the year.

Each day with our loved ones is a gift. Embrace that. Merry Christmas — and Merry January, February and every day too. May you enjoy the presence of every day, even when the presents are not present.


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