Music and My Fair Lady


The “breeze” is the nickname radio station WLLF gives to itself. Located at 96.7 FM it transmits from the Hermitage, Pa., area. Its signal is sometimes hard to receive; stronger stations are located so close in frequency that they interfere. “Smooth jazz and soft hits” is their format and as long as the clock radio by my bed is turned just right, I go to sleep with it, wake up to it and I have it on my car radio as long as I’m not far out of range.

I love music, and grouping music into categories leaves a lot to be desired because every musician’s voice or the way each plays an instrument has a unique quality, but my least favorite category generally speaking (and listening) is country music. I suppose I’m taking my life into my own hands to admit this since I’m trying to survive in a territory where “country” is cool. I’m thankful to hear even the be-boppy banter in the clothing stores that teens like in lieu of a country twang.

The bluegrass that hit the Grammy Awards by storm this year was different. I adore the a cappella harmony of one of the women’s groups I caught a brief sight of on my television. They are in the fringe of country music – so I can’t say I don’t like all country. I also love big band sounds and show tunes.

Another Girl Scout mom and I were both emphasizing how much we like musicals. We had just gone along with our daughter’s troop to see the Salem Community Theater’s My Fair Lady. Since I have been exposed to this show several times – read the play and seen the movie and the musical – I had prepared myself for a let down even though everything I had been exposed to at SCT has always been first rate.

      Julie, the other mom, agreed with me that even though the theater cast echoed a style like the movie (how could you not with such a widely known classic), it had a flavor of its own. We loved it and so did the 15 or 20 girls we went with. It’s something they’ll always remember. How lucky we are to have had such great local entertainment under the musical direction of tremendously talented Jodine Pilmer. I thank her, the crew she worked with, and the theater group for a memorable afternoon.

Now, about other forms of entertainment, like our “boob tubes” which some of us (me) spend more time than others enjoying. Yes, I need moderation in all things, but one reason I like television is because of the excellent programs of public television. Spring is fund-raising time for our PBS stations. Become a member of your local public television station.

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