Of prom, parents and underpants


Remember when high school prom was just a sweet little rite of passage? This, of course, was back before parents as a whole just went ahead and lost their minds.
CNN recently reported that a Massachusetts high school banned student Erica Eckert’s 19-year-old boyfriend from the upcoming high school prom after a criminal background check of her “nonstudent” date turned up a past charge for possession of marijuana.
Now Eckert’s mom, Kathy, is out the $500 she paid for her daughter’s dress and makeup for the big night. Said the mother: “It’s just a real shame that everything is paid for. It’s really sad.”
Shame. Oh it’s a shame no doubt. It’s almost tragic really.
No, not the prom. What’s “really sad” is that the mother of the girl found to be dating a potential felon finds fault only with the fact that the dress and limo are already paid for. She appears to have not a whit of worry that her daughter might be dating a drug dealer.
Under MY mother’s roof, this is how that conversation would have gone: “Gee mom, they won’t let my boyfriend go to the prom because he was charged with possession of marijuana and


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