Ohio crop Enterprise Budget updates


Newly updated Enterprise Budgets for 2009 have been completed and posted to the Farm Management Web site of the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics.

Web site

Updated Enterprise Budgets can be viewed and downloaded from http://aede.osu.edu/Programs/FarmManagement/Budgets/.

Recent changes in fertilizer costs and crop prices have changed the profitability outlook for field crops in Ohio.

Enterprise Budgets updated for 2009 include:

— Corn – Conservation tillage, N source-NH3

— Corn – Conservation tillage, N source-UAN

— Corn – No-till; N source-UAN

— Soybeans – No-till (roundup ready)

— Wheat – Conservation tillage, (grain and straw)

— Wheat – No-till, (grain and straw)

— Organic corn.

OSU Extension Enterprise Budgets are compiled on downloadable Excel spreadsheets that contain formulas for ease of use.

Users can input their own production and price levels to calculate their own numbers.

New look

These Enterprise Budgets have a new look with color coded cells that will enable users to plug in numbers to easily calculate bottoms lines for different scenarios.

Detailed footnotes are included to help explain methodologies used to obtain the budget numbers.

We will be updating these Enterprise Budgets periodically during the year as large changes occur in price or costs.

Budgets will include a date in the upper right hand corner of the front page indicating when the last update occurred.


2008 Enterprise Budgets are available in Excel and PDF format on the OSU Farm Management Budget Web site at http://aede.osu.edu/Programs/FarmManagement/Budgets/.


— Corn – Conservation tillage (NH3, UAN, and urea nitrogen sources)

— Soybeans – Roundup ready, No-till

— Wheat – Conservation tillage, (grain and straw)

— Alfalfa hay – Spring seeding

— Grass hay – Large bale system

— Corn silage – Large scale, self-propelled machine harvested

— Corn silage – Small scale, pull-behind machine harvested

— Retail sweet corn – Conservation tillage, hand harvested

— Wholesale sweet corn – Conservation tillage, machine harvested

— Large-scale popcorn – Conservation tillage.


— Slaughter steer – Days on feed: 232 and days on feed: 250

— Slaughter yearling steer – Days on feed: 182 and days on feed: 190

— Slaughter heifer – Days on feed 220

— Cow-calf – Spring calving

— Ewe and lamb – Winter lambing

— Dairy cow and replacement – Large breed.


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(Barry Ward is the leader of production business management in the Ohio State University Extension’s department of agricultural, environmental and development economics.)



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