Overwhelmed? Pick one thing and do it

Healthy soil
Healthy soil. (Farm and Dairy file photo)

As I drove home from work a few weeks ago, I was listening to one of the podcasts that I subscribe to as part of the ongoing effort to learn and improve my job skills.

The subject was on communication and the importance of relationships. The speakers were excellent communicators and shared a lot of great ideas about improving communication skills.

The longer I listened, the more overwhelmed I felt with all the information and ideas that I was hearing.

How was I going to remember to use all of this information, and if I didn’t would my communication skills be better a year from now?

Overwhelmed by information

As I thought about this, I realized it wasn’t the first time I had felt this way. I have been to meetings where I am frantically taking notes of all the new and useful ideas being presented. I get several newsletters and farm magazines, and I save information in computer files on many topics.

During the 18 years, I have worked for Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District, the accessibility and increase of information has been incredible. In recent years the focus of many articles, meetings, and information has been on water quality, nutrient management, and soil health.

The amount of information on these topics may seem overwhelming at times when you are considering how to improve the water quality, soil health and nutrient management on your operation.

Maybe you have attended meetings or read articles or even listened to a podcast and had a similar reaction that I did on the drive home.

You are wondering how you are going to apply all this information to your operation to improve in these areas.

Pick one thing

Near the end of the podcast the speaker challenged us to pick one idea and do it for a year, rather than be overwhelmed by all the information that was presented.

I then realized that I don’t need to do everything to improve my communication skills. I just need to choose one thing and do it.

For me this is the key to real change from information overload. Information is just information unless it results in improvement and change.

If you want to be a part of improving water quality, choose one thing and do it

If you want to improve your soil health, choose one thing and do it.

If you want to improve your nutrient management, choose one thing and do it.

If you would like more information in these areas specific to your operation, your local Soil and Water Conservation District may be able to assist you with a conservation plan or a nutrient management plan.

These plans will provide you with information and options to improve your operation. Calling them for a plan may be your one thing to improve water quality, soil health, and nutrient management on your operation.


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