Friday, February 3, 2023
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Although red fox populations are declining in Ohio, they can be found in all 88 counties and they have adapted to urban and suburban areas as well. 

Trees have so many benefits when it comes to conservation. Trees prevent and reduce erosion, can improve biodiversity, help pollinators and produce timber.

Can you distinguish pine trees from spruce, fir, hemlock, yew and cypress trees? Each type of conifer has its own unique traits. Learn to identify them all.

There is money to be made — and the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — by finding a second life for food-processing waste products.

With much of our natural habitat in the state altered in one way or another, the ecosystem could use a helping hand, even in your backyard. 

Maybe a little forethought and self-reflection can improve our habits and help conserve the natural resources that future generations rely on to survive.

After 60 years of stewardship, Ohio University reached an agreement to transfer the Dysart Woods property in Belmont County to Captina Conservancy.

Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced $88 million in state support for 123 brownfield remediation projects at sites throughout the state.

Early spring enthusiasm for ramps — also known as wild leeks — may be causing lower crop yields and threatening communities of the forest herb.

The Pennsylvania DEP announced more than $280,077 will be used to benefit critical habitats and ecosystems along the Lake Erie Coastal Zone.