Friday, April 10, 2020
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Conservation planning has been the root of the efforts to save our nation's precious soil since the Dust Bowl era some 80 years ago.

Soil testing provides the baseline needed for action in regards to runoff. Learn more about this and other conservation practices to reduce nutrient runoff.

What factors indicate a healthy creek? Learn how to determine whether or not your creek is healthy, so you can respond to indications of impairment sooner.

Convincing others to be more conservation-minded starts with implementing good conservation practices at home, first. Learn where to get started.

Consider a resolution to reduce your waste — reuse, repurpose and completely wear things out before discarding them as waste.

Aaron Dodds recalls a special Thanksgiving when planting a scraggly tree had the power to replace his grandfathers' aliments with intrigue and joy.

Like it or not, trophy hunting is legal. In his column this week, Scott Shalaway wonders whether or not it should be.

Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District looks back on all the district has accomplished in 75 years and remembers the men and women who contributed.

Before you pull out a leaf rake and yard "waste" bags, stop and ask yourself, can I turn this so-called waste into value for me and my lawn and garden?

As fall and winter weather are approaching, you can still contribute potential pollinator saving methods to your garden or future garden.
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