Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Bees are in need of safe, reliable water sources. Learn how to set up and maintain the ideal waterer for the bees in your neighborhood.

Planning for increased rainfall is guaranteed to reduce runoff, improve soil health and water quality, save money and add beneficial beauty to your yard.

A conservation plan is a tool to help you better manage the natural resources on your land.

Rain barrels can help manage stormwater on your property, as well as, benefit the environment. Learn how to properly install and maintain a rain barrel.

More than 1,200 acres of forest land adjacent to Shawnee State Forest will be acquired with a federal partnership grant through the Forest Legacy Program.

Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District has partnered with American Farmland Trust to bring local farmers another way to increase conservation efforts.

If a bee garden isn’t for you, a bee lawn might be a better fit. They promote biodiversity, require less maintenance and can be more cost efficient.

Healthy soils with proper structure and a balance of mineral and organic matter withstand drought and provide moisture to plants during the dry season.

FSA will accept applications for certain practices under the Conservation Reserve Program and will offer extensions for expiring contracts beginning June 3.

We are all non-point source polluters and need to learn how to eliminate or reduce the pollution we are adding to our public waters.
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