Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Moving rocks or build rock piles has more adverse effects on the ecosystem than one would think. Find out why you shouldn't stack rocks on hikes.

A group of scientists plan to spend the next few decades replenishing populations of lake sturgeons, particularly in Lake Erie.

Learn some simple backyard conservation practices that won't make you public enemy No. 1 in the neighborhood.

A bee hotel can encourage more solitary bees to nest in your yard or garden and can be simple to construct. Learn how to build a bee hotel.

Learn more about the benefits and structure of a relatively new practice for agricultural stormwater management, the cascading grassed waterway.

Sign-ups start this summer for CLEAR30, an opportunity for farmers and landowners to enroll in a 30-year Conservation Reserve Program contract.

Soil and water conservation districts in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District are coordinating a Cover Crop Cost Share program.

A small investment in a current soil test can make all the difference for accurate fertilizer rates, as well as increased forage or crop production.

While you're stuck at home, try these environmentally friendly and perhaps "fun" projects or ideas for this spring.

Conservation planning has been the root of the efforts to save our nation's precious soil since the Dust Bowl era some 80 years ago.
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