Friday, June 2, 2023
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The costs of soil erosion are far-reaching, but when intensified by human activity, it can have negative environmental, societal and economic impacts.

The Friends of Magee Marsh and the ODNR have completed renovations to the Magee Marsh Visitors Center and the boardwalk. It is the first point of entry to Magee Marsh for bird watchers from all over the world. "I think Magee Marsh should be on every birder's bucket list," said Mary Mertz, ODNR director.

Damage to manmade structures can be prevented without harming eastern carpenter bees when their behavior and their lifecycle are taken into account.

Alan Guebert calculates the actual cost of our livestock and poultry concentrated animal feeding operation culture. It's higher than most Americans believe.

In her quest to reduce food waste at home, Kym Seabolt is channeling her grandmother, who was a genius inĀ using leftover food to make delicious dishes.

Home sewage treatment system maintenance and water conservation go hand in hand. Using less water protects your investment and the environment.

A riparian buffer is an area that contains a combination of trees, shrubs and native perennial plants that improve the health of the water and land nearby.

Learn how to build and install a simple nest box for common cavity-nesting songbirds that live in your backyard and nearby habitats.

The Great Black Swamp has changed drastically over time, from thousands of unsettled acres to an industrial hub and back to a wildlife refuge again.

Learn how to avoid coming into contact with invasive plant species while you're hiking and how to prevent spreading their seeds.