Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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After live Christmas trees have served their purpose, we can give them new life and purpose by utilizing them in other ways.

The Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District presented its 2020 Conservation Cooperator of the Year Award to William and Marsha Cable.

Did you know that more than 99% of streams and rivers are impacted by human activity? Find out how you can reduce your impact by being wise with deicer.

The farm, an organic dairy, uses rotational grazing through most of the year, among other conservation practices. This year, the farm received the Cooperator of the Year award from the Carroll Soil and Water Conservation District for its conservation work.

Randy and Eileen Eisenhauer, of Eisenhauer Family Farm, were recognized as the Richland Soil and Water Conservation District Cooperator of the Year.

Paul Mechling, a resident of Pierpont Township, was recently presented with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Cardinal Award for conservation.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and the USDA have signed an agreement to continue research for the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network project.

Myron Wehr, of New Waterford, Ohio, has been a crop farmer for more than 50 years. Through the years, he has stayed focused on stewardship and adapting to the changing times.

Holmes County's aerial cover crop program saves farmers money and helps stop erosion and retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Residents are now planting more gardens, utilizing more of the natural resources on their own land and sourcing local amid COVID-19.