Friday, August 19, 2022
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Maintaining stream banks reduce erosion, concentrations of suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorus and bacteria in natural water sources on farms. 

Lessen your garbage bill, create nutrient-rich soil for your gardens and help save the world by composting your food scraps.

A new federal bill will make historic investments in voluntary, long underfunded conservation programs. The Inflation Reduction Act, passed by Congress Aug. 12, will invest another $20 billion in voluntary conservation programs for farmers over the next decade.

Alan Guebert breaks down the $40 billion in the proposed budget reconciliation bill that's earmarked for USDA conservation and climate change projects.

This year's International Envirothon was held July 24-29 at the Miami University campus and at the university's Ecology Research Center, near Oxford, Ohio.

Seven Ohioans dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Ohio's natural resources were inducted into the Ohio Natural Resources Hall of Fame July 27.

Learn how you can help endangered monarch butterflies by implementing conservation practices in community gardens, local parks and your own backyard.

Native grasses provide cover for wildlife, excellent brood rearing habitat for grassland nesting and upland game birds and lots of forage for wildlife. 

Each farm and ranch is unique as to how it may use a grazing management system or other conservation programs to be eligible for carbon credit programs. 

Implementing natural lawn care strategies can save you time and money, with the added bonus of helping to create a healthier and more sustainable lawn.