Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Myron Wehr, of New Waterford, Ohio, has been a crop farmer for more than 50 years. Through the years, he has stayed focused on stewardship and adapting to the changing times.

Holmes County's aerial cover crop program saves farmers money and helps stop erosion and retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Residents are now planting more gardens, utilizing more of the natural resources on their own land and sourcing local amid COVID-19.

Learn more about lifestyle changes that can positively impact the environment.

The Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District, one of the lowest-funded in the state, was named the 2020 Soil & Water District of the Year.

Deciding if and when to cut timber, and selling it, can be very overwhelming. Ohio has a program for landowners to "Call Before You Cut." Learn more.

Moving rocks or build rock piles has more adverse effects on the ecosystem than one would think. Find out why you shouldn't stack rocks on hikes.

A group of scientists plan to spend the next few decades replenishing populations of lake sturgeons, particularly in Lake Erie.

Learn some simple backyard conservation practices that won't make you public enemy No. 1 in the neighborhood.

A bee hotel can encourage more solitary bees to nest in your yard or garden and can be simple to construct. Learn how to build a bee hotel.