Read it Again: Week of Dec. 27, 2001


80 years ago this week. The front page featured a photograph of a 5-acre field of Silver King corn on the farm of O.C. Hahn, Homeworth, Ohio. Hahn’s corn produced 855 measured baskets of husked and sorted corn, which weighed 41.5 pounds to the basket. The field was planted May 17 and was all in shock by Sept. 8 and was all husked by Oct. 22. “Can any eastern Ohio farmer beat this record?” the caption asked.

Twelve-year-old Ora Bell of Wooster, trapped three white muskrats. A taxidermist will mount them for the youth.

50 years ago this week. Twenty-four boys from the Cleveland Boys’ School near Hudson are “learning by doing.” They are members of the newly organized 4-H club at the school. Most of the boys are from Cleveland, but they call themselves the “Young Farmers” 4-H club.

Club advisor H.H. Tidd, farm manager for the school, has been busy securing animals to be used as 4-H projects. Thirty-two rabbits were given by various neighbors, and two purebred kid goats were donated. Enough money was given by the boys and staff members to purchase two Hereford heifers. Two purebred Chester White gilts were secured with the provision the boys return two market hogs to the owner. This is the first opportunity for the boys to enjoy the experience of 4-H club work.

25 years ago this week. The registration of dairy goats by the American Dairy Goat Association has risen sharply in the past three years. This is probably due to the “back to the land” movement by many young families and the increase in goat milk consumption. It’s reported that milk from goats is slightly richer than cows milk, and is easier to digest because of smaller curd size and alkaline composition.


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