Read it Again: Week of Feb. 7, 2001


80 years ago this week. An advertisement from Dickey & Wonsetler of Signal, Ohio, featured the Moline University one-man Model D tractor, $695. It comes equipped with a power and hand-steering device, belt pulley, electric governor and electric starter and lights.

At the annual meeting of the Stark Count Milk Producers’ Association, B.F. Swartz was elected president; Frank Sluss, vice president; H. Wilson, secretary; Simon Schumacher, financial secretary; M.R. Moomaw, treasurer; L. H. Deckard, H. Krabill, Norman Biery, H. Firestone and L. Paumier, directors.

50 years ago this week. John Andrews, Beach City auctioneer, is involved in what may be the first case in the country of refusing to pay under the new provision bringing self-employed into the Social Security system. Andrews is one of the more than 5 million self-employed persons brought into Social Security by the 1951 Social Security Act. He has challenged the government’s right to collect the tax from him, commenting “I can give my family a better future than the government can.” Andrews made his case in an 850-word letter to Cleveland tax officials, explaining why he refuses to pay the 21/4 percent on his earnings. Andrews is the son of the late Walter Andrews, nationally known live-stock auctioneer.

25 years ago this week. Many Ohio communities have stocked public buildings to try to handle people if they are forced from their homes by a 3-week deep freeze. A fuel shortage is the major concern as the whole eastern half of the nation has been experiencing the coldest January of the century. A special session of the Ohio General Assembly was called and a resolution passed urging all Ohio individuals and businesses to use as little fuel as possible. Oil deliveries have been seriously slowed because the Ohio River has been frozen for several days, bringing barge traffic to a halt, and icy roads have slowed truck deliveries.


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