Read it Again: Week of Nov. 22, 2001


80 years ago this week. A law enforcement league was formed in Newton Falls, Ohio, to assist in ridding the city of bootleggers and houses of ill fame.

Speaking before the Akron Lions Club, A.I. Root, a bee expert from Medina, created a sensation by letting loose a hive of bees in the banquet room. Club members dived under the table and some made a wild scramble for the door. However, Root laughed at them for the bees settled all over his head and arms and he gently shook them off and back into the hive. He explained that a bee never stings unless it “sits down” and his were trained to “stand.”

50 years ago this week. An association of cattle raisers in Pennsylvania is operating their artificial breeding cooperative under methods so streamlined that it may serve as a model for others. Progressive practices include use of radiant heating to keep animal happy and productive; collection and collation of exhaustive data that record everything from the bull’s own performance to the total mile and butter fat output of his female progeny; maintenance of an “open” telephone service so efficient that servicing is carried out on the day of a member’s call.

The association is the Southeastern Pa. Artificial Breeding Cooperative, an organization of some 9,000 members that operates in 15 Pennsylvania counties. The cooperative maintains a flock of 35 proven bulls, providing service for Holstein, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Jersey and Angus breeds.

25 years ago this week. A fire of undetermined origin destroyed a large barn, some farm equipment and about 70 market hogs at the John McCurdy Farm, 48594 Hamilton Rd., west of East Palestine. The flames were discovered in the top section of the two-story barn by McCurdy’s 17-year-old son, Jeff. The family was visiting neighbors nearby and as they arrived home found the flames had spread over the entire structure, preventing the removal of a new farm tractor, some grain and straw, and farm stock. More than 25 firemen responded from three departments.


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