Someday your prince will come – if his mommy says he can


Someday your prince will come. Sadly, if you’re Camilla Parker Bowles, he’ll come with some serious baggage.
Grudge. A British magazine, the Spectator, reported this week that the Queen has “grudgingly agreed” to let her son, Prince Charles, marry the woman he has been dating for more than 30 years.
Well now there is a ringing endorsement. I’ll just bet ‘the woman,’ who also goes by Camilla Parker Bowles (for street ‘cred) is simply basking in the glow of the future mother-in-law love.
Can’t you just imagine the engagement card: “With grudging good wishes, – Liz.”
Quoting an unnamed “well-informed royal observer,” the report says that the Queen will let them wed after her Golden Jubilee next year.
Civil ceremony. It also speculates that the couple, both divorced, is considering a civil ceremony to avoid problems with the Church of England.
Hmm … mad mother-in-law who insists on being referred to as “the Queen” and is insistent that your very wedding should not upstage her own celebration, versus a difference of opinion with the Church of England?
Honey, the church is the least of your problems.
By the way, the Spectator reports that even if the couple got married, Camilla will never become Queen. Bummer.
Furthermore, the title of Princess of Wales has also been ruled out because it could seem insensitive to the memory of Charles


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