This weeks antique item may be a bit obscure. Can you name it?


Hello from Hazard!
Wayne Cooper knew Item No. 1112 would be an easy one for our fearless readers to solve, so he suggested showing only the top of it, because the grooved bottom gives it away. But we didn’t listen, and, sure enough, it was a quick giveaway.
Item No. 1112 is a cement finisher’s tool to create a line in concrete. The “rib” on the bottom is to create a seam in the wet cement, like what you see between sidewalk sections. Various versions are still made news today.
We quickly heard from Ron Bachner; Charlie Wilson; Thomas Gill; and Wendell Cole, of Lisbon; who all knew how the tool was used. Thanks to Wayne and to all who responded!

We’ll switch from the easy to the obscure (perhaps). Mark Sissons shares Item No. 1113, which has him stumped. It’s cast iron, about 3 inches in diameter by 18 inches long — and weighs 50 pounds. There are no loops or hooks at either end; both ends are rounded like the end shown in the photo.
He adds that a casting line is visible along the length of this item, so it’s not forged. And, it may be noteworthy or not, but it is from the property of a 100+ year-old structure that was a grocery store in the early years.
Hmmm. Anyone have a clue what this might be? Email us at; or respond by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.

Richard Bader, of Middletown, N.Y., writes, in regards to Item No. 1110, our mystery ceramic funnel-like item: “I believe it is a funnel to separate water from gasoline or any fuel… Put the funnel over a hole in a container and pour liquid in slowly and the water will collect in the large portion of the funnel and the fuel will go out the little hole at the top and into the can as clean fuel.
“In the mid-1940s, they put a very fine screen in the funnel and the water did not go through the screen, and stayed in the funnel.”


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