2010 Portage County Fair market livestock winners


Aug. 26 & 28, 2010
Sale Total: $283,010
Total Lots: 522


Number of Market Lots: 74
Average: $1.64/pound with champions; $1.50/pound without

Grand champion exhibitor: Olivia Blay
Bid: $5.01/pound Weight: 1,314 pounds
Buyer: David L. Duma, of Duma Meats
Reserve ch. exhibitor: Douglas Kisamore
Bid: $2.50/pound Weight: 1,330 pounds
Buyer: Moore Resources.
Grand champion carcass: Kenny Shircliff
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 800 pounds
Buyer: Dr. James Wilson
Reserve champion carcass: Michaela Wise
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 786 pounds
Buyer: WBNX TV, of Cuyahoga Falls


Number of Market Lots:

Grand champion exhibitor: Mitch Kisamore
Bid: $9/pound Weight: 264 pounds
Buyer: Oscar Brugmann Sand & Gravel
Reserve champion exhibitor: Caitlin Wenger
Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 271 pounds
Buyer: Battaglia Construction
Grand champion carcass: Clark Bookman
Bid: $13.00/pound Weight: 164 pounds
Buyer: Moore Resources
Reserve champion carcass: Sam Smith
Bid: $32/pound Weight: 175 pounds
Buyer: Moore Resources, Kiko Meats, Duma Meats,
Benjamin Family, Brad and Nancy Polen

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Portage County Fair


Number of Market Lots: 36

Grand champion exhibitor: Travis Siegferth
Bid: $4.25/pound Weight: 133 pounds
Buyer: Miner’s Tractor Sales
Reserve champion exhibitor: Madison Moore
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 144 pounds
Buyer: Moore Well Services
Grand champion carcass: Danielle Whitted
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 75 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats and Erv-N-Dale Farm
Reserve champion carcass:
Bid: $4.50/pound Weight: 82 pounds
Buyer: TWH Construction


Number of Market Lots: 22
Average: $182.88/head with champions;
$166.88/head without

Grand champion exhibitor/best of show:Kelly Siegferth
Bid: $475 Weight: 88 pounds
Buyer: Ahrens Club Pigs
Reserve champion exhibitor: Kirsten Wise
Bid: $275 Weight: 75 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats


Number of Pens of Three: 22

Grand champion exhibitor: Lucas Watson
Bid: $500
Buyer: Matthew Watson
Reserve champion exhibitor: Collin Croft
Bid: $350
Buyer: Miner’s Tractor Sales


Number of Pens of Three: 64

Grand champion exhibitor: Tyler Phelps
Bid: $600
Buyer: De-Lux Mold & Machine
Reserve champion exhibitor: Jack Rohal
Bid: $500
Buyer: Wise Greenhouse


Number of Lots: 71

Grand champion exhibitor: Ben Ryan
Bid: $550 Weight: 28.80 pounds
Buyer: Hyde’s Automotive
Reserve champion exhibitor: LaRee Nelson
Bid: $425 Weight: 24.50 pounds
Buyer: De-Lux Mold and Machine


Number of Lots: 16

Grand champion exhibitor: Rebecca Wise
Bid: $700 Weight: 7.20 pounds
Buyer: Siciliano’s Pizza and White’s Farm Supply
Reserve champion exhibitor: Rebecca Wise
Bid: $500 Weight: 6.80 pounds
Buyer: Portage County Rabbit Breeders


Grand champion exhibitor: Riley Shultz
Bid: $150 Weight: 11.50 pounds
Buyer: Portage County Farm Bureau
Reserve champion exhibitor: Ryan Phelps
Bid: $100 Weight: 11.3 pounds
Buyer: De-Lux Mold & Machine


Grand champion exhibitor: Riley Shultz
Bid: $200
Buyer: Hargett’s Farm Shop and Wistful Cafe
Reserve champion exhibitor: Emily Shultz
Bid: $125
Buyer: Hargett’s Farm Shop and Wistful Cafe.


Grand champion exhibitor: Rochelle Wise
Bid: $85
Buyer Pettigrew Feed & Hardware
Reserve champion exhibitor: Karly Wise
Bid: $70
Buyer: Tom Hermann

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
Kiko Auctioneers & Realtors

Junior Fair Royalty:
King: Ben Ryan Queen: Sarah Allen


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