2012 Lawrence County Fair

2012 Lawrence County Fair

Aug. 18, 2011

Sale Total: $202,700.28

Sale Total without champions: $189,284.52

(Lot number includes resales)


Number of Market Lots: 31

Average: $2.00 with champions; $1.95 without

Grand champion: Jocelyn Kelly

Bid: $3.00/pound Weight: 1,269 pounds

Buyer: Jamie Stilley of Amerikohl

Reserve champion: Shelby Dean

Bid: $2.5/pound Weight: 1,195 pounds

Buyer: Jason Peffer of Pizza Joes of Portersville

Grand champion carcass: Dylan Clark

Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 812 pounds

Buyer:Jason Murtha running for State Representative of PA

Reserve champion carcass: Aubrey Gibson

Bid: $3.25/pound Weight: 851 pounds

Buyer:Gayle Staples


Number of Market Lots: 116

Average: $3.01 with champions; $2.96 without

Number of Carcass Lots: 2

Grand champion: Scott Snyder

Bid: $8.00/pound Weight: 272 pounds

Buyer:Cory Stuchal of Stuchal Farms

Reserve champion: Todd Rossi

Bid: $3.20/pound Weight: 285 pounds

Buyer: Nicole Howard of Howard & Son Meat Packing

Grand champion carcass: Madison Bredl

Bid: $4.00/pound Weight: 170 pounds

Buyer:Doug Verenski

Reserve champion carcass: Jamie Phillips

Bid: $4.50/pound Weight: 150 pounds

Buyer:Jim & Jamie Bish of ESB Bank


Number of Market Lots: 75

Average: $3.98/pound with champions; $3.93 without

Number of Carcass Lots: 2

Grand champion: Abbey Benninghoff

Bid: $7/pound Weight: 129 pounds

Buyer: Joe Seminara of Pizza Joes

Reserve champion: Kelsie Okon

Bid: $4/pound Weight: 138 pounds

Buyer: Josh Kwolek of Picture Perfect Club Lambs

Grand champion carcass: Trent Mahle

Bid: $5.25/pound Weight: 90 pounds

Buyer: Sam and Kristi Kildoo

Reserve champion carcass: Emma Hall

Bid: $5.00/pound Weight: 65 pounds

Buyer: Dan Murphy of Diamond Milling Company


Number of Market Lots: 17

Average: $6.38/lb. with champions; $6.20 without

Number of Carcass Lots: 1

Grand champion: Dylan Martin

Bid: $9.00/pound Weight: 77 pounds

Buyer: Eric Watson of Watson’s Inc. & Jim Stinson of American Crop Insurance

Reserve champion: Jenny Ratvasky

Bid: $6.25/pound Weight: 88 pounds

Buyer: Matt Tomeo of Tomeo Farms

Grand champion carcass: Jenny Ratvasky

Bid: $15.5/pound Weight: 41 pounds

Buyer: Joe Herr of Herr-A-Cane Auctions

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2012 Lawrence County Fair


Number of Pens of Three: 14

Average: $17.23/lb. with champion; $15.10 without

Grand champion: Shawn Mitchell

Bid: $35/pound Weight: 12 pounds

Buyer: Jim Davidson of Fat Jimmy’s BBQ

Reserve champion: Brooke Lechner

Bid: $27/pound Weight: 15.38 pounds

Buyer: Mary Werner-Smith of Tractor Supply


Number of Participants: 27

Average: $415.00/basket

Top basket: Kaitlin Martin

Bid: $700/basket

Top basket: Jackie Thompson

Bid: $700/basket


Don Braham, Mark Cunningham, Beth Hillmar, Duke Whiting, Matt Lawrence

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