40 renewable energy projects in tri-state area get $473,320 in USDA funding

solar panels mounted on the roof of a barn

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a $464 million investment in renewable energy infrastructure last week.

Nearly half a million dollars in grants went to 40 projects at farms and other rural businesses in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia through the Rural Energy for America Program, or REAP.

“We recognize that lowering energy costs for small businesses and agricultural producers helps to expand economic development and employment opportunities for people in America’s rural towns and communities,” said USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, in a Sept. 9 statement.

The funding was distributed through the USDA’s Rural Development office.

The USDA financed $129 million through REAP to 48 states and Puerto Rico. It also distributed $335 million to build or improve 1,432 miles of line through the Electric Loan Program.


$149,724 – 12 projects

Harbage Bros. Farming Co LLC – $20,000 – replacement of an inefficient grain dryer.

Houts Partnership, row crop operation – $20,000 – replacement of an inefficient grain dryer.

Honeyrun Farm Williamsport OH LLC, honey producer – $14,095 – install a 25.5 kilowatt roof-mounted solar array.

Nieport Farms LLC, row crop operation – $14,263 – install a 47kW roof-mounted solar PV system.

Ohio Rental of Johnstown Incorporated, equipment rental facility – $9,312 – install a 15.75kW roof-mounted solar PV system.

JB Machining Concepts LLC, a metalworking and machining facility – $16,687 – install a 25kW solar array.

William Tong, row crop producer – $11,098 – install a 28kW ground-mounted solar PV system.

Amish Toy Box, a toy box manufacturer – $8,007 – install a 13.6kW roof-mounted solar array.

Schmidt Farms LLC, row crop operation – $15,934 – replace an existing grain drying unit.

Downey Plumbing Heating & Cooling LLC, plumbing and HVAC contracting company – $9,640 – install a 20kW solar PV system.

Rogers Mill Incorporated, feed mill – $20,000 – install a 32 kW solar PV array.


$173,432 – 13 projects

Whiskey Hollow LLC, maple syrup producer – $20,000 – make energy efficiency improvements to the reverse osmosis and evaporator equipment using for maple syrup production.

Linford Sensenig, storage facility – $11,750 – install a 27 kW roof-mounted solar PV system.

Zody’s Moving & Storage Incorporated, moving and storage company – $20,000 – install 55.2 kW roof-mounted solar PV system.

North Gilpin Street LLC, commercial rental business – $4,468 – install a 12 kW roof-mounted solar PV system.

Holy Cow Farm, specialty cut flower and hop farm – $6,750 – install a 15 kW roof-mounted solar array.

Sechrist Farms – $18,000 – install a 24 kW roof-mounted solar PV system. 

John Kreider, Kreider Property Improvement, rental property business –  $10,000 – install a 36 kW solar photovoltaic system.

Greenleaf Nibert, cabinet manufacturer – $5,454 – install a 28.22 kW ground-mounted solar system.

Little Ridge Country Market, poultry farm – $20,000 – install a 69.6 kW solar PV system on the roof of a chicken house.

Resource Rentals and Sales, equipment and rental sales businesses – $15,000 – install a 57.6 kW ground-mounted solar system.

Highspire Hills Farm, egg production farm – $15,000 – install a 30.35 kW solar system mounted on the roof of a barn.

Preston Country Market, small one-top shop selling everything from gas to groceries – $7,010 – make energy efficiency improvements to the walk-in freezer and cooler at its convenience store.

Historic Ashland LLC – $20,000 – install a 32 kW ground mounted solar PV system.


$150,164 – 15 projects

Red House Farm LLC – $10,633 – install a 20 kW solar array.

Opossum Creek Retreat, family-owned vacation facility – $19,041 – purchase and replace nine hot tubs.

Rolling Thunder Vegetable Preserve – $4,087 – install a 4 kW solar array.

Kreinik Manufacturing Co, commercial office facility – $4,694 – install LED lighting.

Silver Mist Stables, equine farm – $4,200 – install a 7.15 kW solar array.

Sogefi, USA Incorporated, car filter manufacturer – $14,984  – install LED lighting and make energy efficiency improvements to nozzles, air compression tools and insulation.

Thinkstone Cellar Incorporated, family-owned winery – $6,125 – install a 7.8 kW solar array.

Pop’s in Glenwood, family-owned convenience store – $11,304 – install a 15 kW solar array.

Mustain Farms Incorporated – $9,500 – make energy efficiency improvements by updating a water raceway on a historic grist mill and desilting the associated mill pond.

3D Construction Properties LLC, construction company – $18,225 – install a 21 kW solar system.

Pitsenbarger Farms, poultry farm – $19,875 – install a 50 kW solar array.

Swiftees LLC, a t-shirt manufacturer – $7,864 – install LED lighting.

121 West Washington LLC, commercial real estate – install a 27 kW solar array.

Appalachian Holliday Family Sales, family-owned plant and vegetable operation – $12,388 – install an 18 kW solar array.

Zazen LLC, commercial building – $7,244 – install a 12.7 kW solar array.


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