Breaking news: Gregg pleads guilty to animal cruelty at Conklin Dairy


Editor’s Note: Further updates to this report were planned, but have not occurred because the attorneys involved have been unavailable or have not returned phone calls.

MARYSVILLE, Ohio — The man who was seen on an undercover video in May poking cows with pitchforks, hitting them in the head with metal bars and punching young calves pleaded guilty to six charges of animal cruelty on Sept. 24 in Marysville Municipal Court.

Billy Joe Gregg Jr., formerly of Delaware, Ohio, was sentenced for abuse he committed at Conklin Dairy Farms in April. His actions were recorded by an undercover worker, associated with the animal rights organization Mercy For Animals.

Gregg was charged in June on 12 counts of animal cruelty, and one charge of improper handling of a firearm, stemming from a loaded pistol found inside his vehicle.

Judge Michael Grigsby sentenced Gregg to eight months in jail, and a $1,000 fine.

Stay away from animals

Gregg also is placed on probation for three years and is to have no contact with animals for the duration.

He also is ordered to receive counseling for the same period, with Animals and Society Institute or a similar organization, and is to abide by his counselors’ recommendations.

Gregg already has spent 120 days in jail, following his arrest in late May, for which he has been credited. His sentence has 120 days remaining.

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  1. The video shows the beating of cows in the face with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, breaking their tails and punching, throwing and kicking calves.
    Which begs the greater question, is this behavior tolerated on cattle/dairy farms or is Cregg just a bad apple in a bin of happy apples?

  2. I think he should have got more time and so should have the person taping he said he beat the cows also There are Fed laws AETA Both men should be in the same cell doing time

  3. I agree Okiestorm, he should have gotten a much heavier sentence and fine. There should be no tolerance of animal abuse such as this. But I also think the MFA member should have received punishment as well, even if he was undercover, he still abused animals and should receive jail time. The courts are way too laxed on punishing the animal rights people when they break the law. I don’t buy into the cop-out of “it was in the name of animal rights”.

    I venture to say Lady Bouvier that he is not the norm on a farm but indeed the exception. Farmers are not as cruel as the Animal Rights followers would lead most to believe.

  4. Greg would not have been caught had MFA did not do an undercover investigation. The investigator was not guilty, Greg was. It’s comical how the blame is switched in these situations.
    And yes, abuse is the norm on farms. Kicking a cow in the head to get her on her feet is considered appropriate (Conklin)and tolerated. Although he got off, most meat consumers think it is abuse, thus the change in their shopping habits, as well as cutting down on meat or dropping it altogether. IF this keeps up, Farmers will ultimately put themselves out of business.

  5. The MFA cameraman GOADED Gregg into abuse…What MFA WILL NOT tell is that they had been at other farms and were unable to get ANY evidence of abuse, so they came up with the idea of abusing animals to try to get others to follow then get it on film. The sick, twisted MFA cameraman should have had the book thrown at him-it is pathetically sad how many brainwashed, weak-minded people overlook his perverted cruelty and make him a martyr saying it was for good reason that he abused the animals-there IS NO REASON for what he did that is appropriate-PERIOD!!!

    It is also intolerable that so many people think they know so much about cattle that they CONTINUE to acuse Conklins of abuse for trying to make a cow get up to save her life, even though SEVERAL veterinarians EXTREMELY EXPERIENCED in cattle specifically, testified that it WAS NOT abuse but for the best interest of the cow.

    We farmers treat ALL our animals humanely-the animal rights groups just show what they concoct-twisted truths, lies, distortions, and now “canned abuse” cases-to people who have NO clue about farm animals and are too ignorant and/or arrogant to get the “other” side of the story.

    And for those who “threaten” us with not buying our products.. Boycott us farmers and starve…Anyone that is so close-minded that they cannot see the REAL truth then is so outright nasty to us farmers is completely UNWORTHY of the safe, nutritous, premium quality food that we produce. My fields will be sown into poison ivy before they will be used to grow Vegan food- You hippocrits accuse us of abuse but yet the way vegetation is handled is far worse-yes, vegetation IS LIVING ORGANISMS-same as animals.

    Yes, Gregg got what he should have, but the REAL injustice is that the MFA and their “undercover” abuser tragically were not prosecuted.

    • I can tell other farmers abuse their animals as well. To the farmer who said do not buy their products and starve. You will starve as well when you have product and no money. You can not pay your bills by giving thr electric company an abused animal.

    • To Fed up an P.O.’d farmer. You are out of your mind. Nobody and I mean nobody should be able to be coerced into doing what that man did. Any mammal made to bleed or be bruised lik that is abused. There are many othe ways to get a cow/cattle/horse up without causing forcible contusions. If you should angry with anyone, it should be yourself. There are grants out there for lifts and proper equipment. You have an ethical responsibility to care for these animal that we are either consuming or drinking thei byproduct. I will make sure that I don’t use Conklin products and if I can know the name of your farm, I will make we and people like who “don’t know cattle” do not buy your products either. After all, you would want we ignorant people buying your products now woul you?

  6. sookie you think its ok for the MFA person to do the same thing as Gregg like I have said be for if you break the law just tell the cop its for animal rights you can walk away There are Federal laws to protect animal owners we need to start calling reporting every little thing they do get them put in jail Ohio animal owners need to start fighting back Put the Hippocrits in there place use the law to put them in jail force goverment to use the laws that are in place

  7. We must remember that it is okay for Animal Rights people to do harm because it is in the name of saving the animals. Animal Rights people are not bound by the laws common meat eaters are. That’s why Gary Yourofsky’s post to all AR’s to attack the Conklin Farm and destroy it why has the FBI not gone after him. He should be prosecuted as the terrorist he is.

    You don’t see animal owners going around threatening to destroy the animal rights groups places of business just because we don’t agree. The Government needs to act on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and punish those that resort to Criminal Trespassing, Loss of Profit, etc. If Animal Rights people want to protest peaceful or picket, that is fine, it is their legal right to do so but threatening the lives of people and destruction of property is not and those that choose to act like that should be punished under the law. That includes the MFA!

    Gary Conklin and Buckeye Veal should contact the the US Attorney General and file charges against MFA under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

  8. Boy, you people sure amaze me. It is surely pathetic the way Butch and LCampbell see the world, particularly animal abuse. If a demented, angry, little farmhand breaks a cow’s tail, jabs another in the udder with a pitchfork, or hits an animal over the head with a crowbar, it’s ok because farmers “know” how to take care of their animals. Is that what you’re saying? Just proves once again, that farmers cannot police their own ranks.
    BTW, MFA didn’t beat, stab, kick, or break any bones, Billy Bubba Cregg did. And , if MFA “egged” him on, Billy Boy should have had more control.

  9. The MFA investigator did not abuse the animals, greg did. Because someone cares about the treatment of animals does not make them a terrorist. If someone threatens or commits an act of violence (animal rights or factory farmers); that is wrong and obviously they should not get away with it. Conklin was aware of the abuse. Gregg bragged on camera that a cow was ordered to slaughter by Conklin after Gregg had beaten the cow to the point where the cow’s head was huge, swollen and bloody. I would think that would be a pretty good clue to Conklin that there was something awry in the barn.
    The “average” person that views abuse to farm animals on factory farms, transport or slaughter, are going to be turned off by meat. Period. I never thought I would stop eating meat, but have. All it took was someone opening the barn door, a 2 min clip on CNN about the downer cows in California.

  10. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!The MFA undercover cameraman ADMITTED to stabbing and hitting the cattle to “keep his cover”. Although calves and cattle were hit and stabbed, they were NOT abused enough to draw blood, or were made to “swell-up”.These abusers were HIRED as help-they were NOT the farmer or his family. The farmer had NO idea or clue this was happening. The abusers also LIED to get hired. You refuse to get the TRUTH and only want to believe what the AR trash wants you to-and are too weak-minded to TRY to get BOTH sides of a story.

  11. Freestate I have never said its ok to abuse a animal. If I would have seen them beat a cow or any animal i would have taken the fork and put it in there back side I don’t and never have condone animal abuse I do think both should be in the same jail cell to share story bunks

  12. sookie and freestate, we all know that it’s okay to overlook abuse and criminal acts when it is done by Activists. That fact has been proven time and time again. It’s okay that the former PETA member called for the total destruction of private property and lives of Mr. Conklin and his family and workers, we will over look that because the terrorist group MFA “uncovered abuse”. MFA admits on their own website to commiting criminal trespassing, stealing, and various other crimes because it was done in the name of animal rights.

    You all claim we condone abuse, that is so far from the truth it is becoming funny anymore. You see the animal owners as task masters, well guess what, animal owners see as Dictators.

    If you think the farms are so bad, why do you not go to the regulating authority? I know why, because it is easier to make your false statements by editing unauthorized video and swing the public’s thinking.

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  14. LCambell;
    You say: “If you think the farms are so bad, why do you not go to the regulating authority? I know why, because it is easier to make your false statements by editing unauthorized video and swing the public’s thinking”…..
    I do go through all legal authorities and channels available. The video was just that, a video of what was going on at Conklin’s farm…for all to see and witness. This cow did not take acting lessons and try out for the part in this film. She was brutally tortured in a sadistic way. Watch the film. Gregg brags about how he beat another cow to the point that her head was bleediing, swelling and Conklin told him the next day “send her off to slaughter, she has mastitis”. The MFA undercover simply filmed what was said. Those words were not dubbed into the video. I love the way factory farms try to do damage control by telling people what they can clearly see and hear in a video that it is not so. WATCH the video!! Do not tell me it is all an illusion and tricks with video splicing and editing! LOL, you have to be kidding. I cannot begin to tell you how these undercover videos have turned me, my family, coworkers, friends off to meat and dairy and have urged me to be active with animal groups to make other people aware too. I’m not doing the actual abuse to the animals that the farmers and factory farms, slaughterhouses are, but if I buy and eat the products I am just as guilty. No animal deserves that treatment. I cannot understand how farmers can detatch themselves enough to allow this abuse, or to commit the abuse themselves. It just isn’t right. There must be something lacking in a person’s nature and psyche to not be affected when seeing an animal or any living being suffer.
    There is a need for stricter laws. If I were a farmer, I would have my farm wired up with webcams in all the animal areas. I would look into humane slaughter as well. I would have a website that anyone can click on to see the cams themselves, my products listed and how they can buy them. I wouldn’t be afraid of MFA or any animal group, because it would be an “open-door” farm with nothing to hide.

  15. Sookie, You prove the point I make again. I have never condoned abuse of any animal nor will I but not ever farmer acts as Gregg did. Greeg is not the norm. Mr. Conklin was spliced into the edited video that the news media quickly jumped on. F&D’s Susan Cromwell was the only reporter I saw that said we need to view the entire situation before we make judgement. MFA knew the majority of the media would run with the edited version. When the entire video was viewed, yes I have seen the video, Mr. Conklin’s actions were those that even a veternarian would have done in the situation.

    Mr. Conklin was no more abusing than a doctor slapping a new born human baby on the butt to get it to breath. It is an action required to save its life.

    Once again I state that Gregg should have a much harder sentence that he got, he is an animal abuser, Gary Conklin’s actions were not.

    You suggest that MFA knew of this abuse prior to the actual tapping: “I do go through all legal authorities and channels available. The video was just that, a video of what was going on at Conklin’s farm…for all to see and witness.”, why was it not reported to USDA or ODA? Are you saying that it was reported and either or both of those organizations did nothing about it?

    After the abuse I and my animals have faced at the hands of the ARA’s, I am quick to discredit video such as this as an attempt to undermine animal owners and farmers and further the Animal Rights Agenda. Do you know the despair of finding one of your animals hanging by a noose with a sign tied around its neck stating “Another Animal Liberated”….I do.

    You have your view point, I have mine. Mine is that ALL animal abusers should be punished, regardless of their organizational ties or covert activities.

  16. The people calling for the punishment of the undercover investigator are a bit . . . oh, I don’t know, outside of reality? The nature of undercover work requires that you keep your identity hidden and that you continue to observe and record the illegal activity!!! Duh! How else do you imagine any kind of undercover activity works? Do cops who buy drugs in an undercover situation then go to jail for that activity? In many dogfighting cases, the undercover work has to go on for up to a year! Do you think those officers, who have taken that job to protect those animals, enjoy seeing the abuse?

    One thing this line of commentary makes abundantly clear is that you do NOT care about animal safety. If you did, you would be able to empathize with the undercover workers, not attack them as if they are the criminal element. MFA exposed the abuse you pretend to be mildly upset (not disgusted by, just mildly upset) about. If you cared about the animals, that would be your focus, not trying to bust the people who exposed the abuse. Do you have farms, and, if so, what abuse are you trying to keep hidden, I wonder? You stick together, just like criminals in any other group. Thugs protect their own.

  17. Here are some facts that Mr. Kick didn’t bother to add to his report:

    Just hours ago, Billy Joe Gregg, Jr., a worker at Conklin Dairy Farms caught on hidden camera during a Mercy For Animals investigation MALICIOUSLY abusing cows and calves, pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals.

    Gregg’s arrest and conviction stem from CHILLING undercover footage where Conklin’s farm workers were documented:

    •VIOLENTLY punching young calves in the face, body slamming them to the ground, and pulling and throwing them by their ears
    •ROUTINELY using pitchforks to stab cows in the face, legs and stomach
    •Kicking “downed” cows (those too injured to stand) in the face and neck – abuse carried out and encouraged by the farm’s owner
    •MALICIOUSLY beating restrained cows in the face with crowbars – some attacks involving over 40 blows to the head
    •Punching cows’ udders
    •BRAGGING about stabbing, dragging, shooting, breaking bones, and beating cows and calves to death

    After viewing the footage, Dr. Bernard Rollin, DISTINGUISED PROFESSOR of ANIMAL SCIENCE at Colorado State University, stated: “This is probably the MOST GRATUITOUS, SUSTAINED, SADISTIC ANIMAL ABUSE I have ever seen. The video depicts CALCULATED, DELIBERATE CRUELTY, BASED not ON momentary rage but on TAKING PLEASURE THROUGH CAUSING PAIN TO cows and calves who are DEFENSELESS.”

    Sadly, cruelty to farmed animals in Ohio – no matter how egregious – is classified as a mere misdemeanor. Ohio has some of the weakest animal protection laws in the nation – ranking 43rd out of all 50 states. Further, no federal laws provide protection for farmed animals during their lives on the farm. Such inadequate state laws and the absence of federal laws lead to rampant abuse.

    The DEPLORABLE CONDITIONS uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms further HIGHLIGHT the REALITY that ANIMAL AGRICULTURE CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO SELF-REGULATE and that meaningful federal and state law must be implemented and strengthened to prevent egregious cruelty to farmed animals.

    “Gregg’s punishment is a slap on the wrist compared to the UNIMAGINABLE SUFFERING ENDURED by the animals who were victims of his malicious abuse,” says MFA’s Executive Director, Nathan Runkle. “It’s an outrage that in Ohio it’s a mere misdemeanor to sadistically punch, beat and stab farmed animals, break their bones and otherwise torture them. This case should serve as a wake-up call to all compassionate citizens that Ohio must do more to strengthen its animal cruelty laws.”

    Although many of the abuses documented at Conklin Dairy Farms are expressions of Gregg’s sadistic pathology, NUMBERSOUS undercover INVESTIGATIONS at DAIRY FARMS, PIG FARMS, EGG FARMS, HATCHERIES and SLAUGHTERHOUSES have REVEALED that VIOLENCE AND ABUSE TO FARMED ANIMALS – whether malicious or institutionalized – RUN RAMPANT NATIONWIDE.

    Compassionate consumers can end their direct financial support of farmed animal abuse by rejecting dairy, and other animal products, and adopting a vegan diet.

    (What did that piece of chicken go thru before you chewed it up and added it to your system? How much infected cow manure did that steak stand in, before you bit into it? Was the pig that piece of ham came from smashed to death or hung, before your taste buds took it in?) These are questions every consumer should be asking, every time we eat, but the land of denial is too comfortable and safe-feeling to venture out of for too many. There are consequences, and they are playing out right now, but we choose to ignore them. Ignorance is bliss . . . until it kills you.

  18. Psych, being that you put things so graphically in your comment about what Greggs did to a farmers cattle-the farmer COMPLETELY UNAWARE of the happenings-you need to put Jason Smiths name WITH Greggs…He was the cameraman for MFA and ADMITTED to doing the same things as you so graphically described Greggs as doing. Maybe YOU feel it is alright to abuse animals just to “keep your cover” but most of us DO NOT. Are Police allowed to beat innocent children or kill people just because they are doing an undercover investigation?? I dont think so.

    Aside from that, instead of immediately reporting this, the MFA waited until it was beneficial to THEM…just by “coincidence” when they were trying to get signatures for their twisted, constitutional rights infringing ballot measure. Also missing, and something that MFA WILL never disclose, is the number of farms they “infiltrated” and were completely unable to find ANY evidence of abuse. Yet they purposely make it seem like ALL farms are abusive-a complete LIE.

    Greggs received more than what most people receive when thay assault other PEOPLE. Aside from that, most people dont realize that cattle, as well as other species, treat each other even more harshly than what abuse the Conklins cattle received from BOTH Greggs AND Smith-even killing their own calves. I AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT THE ABUSE COMMITTED WAS IN ANYWAY PERMITTABLE. Life is NOT a bowl of roses-there will ALWAYS be violence one way or another in ALL levels of life. Just because a VERY FEW farms have had EMPLOYEES abuse animals DOES NOT MEAN that ALL farms abuse animals. Making that statement is like saying that all parents abuse their children just because one or two have committed child abuse.

    The hippocrasy of the vegan thinking would be amusing if it wasnt for the fact that they are trying to harm livestock farmers. The way they treat plant life is extremly brutal-but in their minds it is OK, yet they so arrogantly feel that their way of thinking is correct and people who consume animal products thinking is “wrong”. The worst part of this is the attack of our constitutional rights. Irregardless of how people feel, NO ONE has the right to deprive others of their rights, INCLUDING vegans.

  19. When the undercover video came out for the public to see, my first and second thoughts….
    1. what absolute hell farm animals are subjected to.
    2. how soon will factory farms or Conklin’s lawyers put the blame on the undercover investigator to divert attention from the obvious.
    They did not waste time. It was so predictable.

    When watching the full uncut video, not one person said “wow what a terrible person the undercover guy was!!”

    If you have to kick a cow in the head to get her up, then you are not practicing animal “husbandry” Ask Temple Grandin what she thinks of kicking a cow in the head.

    What happened to real farmers? Throwing animals in a huge shed with no sunlight, all crammed in with hardly any human contact except for slaughter night is not farming.
    I would think it takes a special talent to raise cattle or hogs (out in the sun and on grass!)
    Anyone can stack animals up in a huge CAFO.
    I don’t think a factory farmer would know the first thing about rounding up cattle in a huge field.
    IF the only way I could figure out how to get a cow up was by kicking her in the head, I would look for a new line of work.
    Respect the animal. They were not put here for us to abuse.

  20. So, we now know that the video was a setup, sookie has let the cow out of the barn “I do go through all legal authorities and channels available. The video was just that, a video of what was going on at Conklin’s farm…for all to see and witness.”

    I would suspect that Gregg was a plant based on the lack of response to the question I posed on if the USDA and/or ODA were notified of this alleged abuse and the previous statement of sookie.

    The alleged abuse at Mr. Conklin’s farm which only MFA knew about and apparently never reported to USDA and ODA is like the all the alleged Pupply Mills in Holmes county that only Mary Shaver-O’Conner seems to know about and yet they never report this information to USDA. They just release “undercover” video or pictures.

  21. I still don’t understand how MFA got away with it they should of been convicted for not reporting it soon as they knew what was going on.I do thank it was all a setup by animal rights groups.Will Gregg have to registuer as an animal abuser? I thank he should have to, he should not be allowed to work where there are animals or own any animal for the rest of his life.I have livestock and it breaks my heart to know that some people thank all farmers and ranchers abuse thier animals,It is not true.

  22. As always, I am not reading all of these posts, but did by skimming see yet again a ton of misinformation. Law enforcement has all unedited footage of the investigation into Conklin Dairy Farms, showing that MFA’s investigator abided by all laws.

    Mercy For Animals has released all investigations conducted – there has never been an investigation conducted that did not get released. All investigations have shown abuse to animals. If you’d like to see what MFA has uncovered at farms across the United States, visit

    I am also happy to speak with anyone regarding our investigations and can be reached at DanielH at MercyForAnimals dot org.

  23. The answer has yet to be said, if MFA, Ohioans for Humane Farms or HSUS had prior knowledge of abuse occurring at Mr. Conklin’s farm, was the USDA and/or ODA notified?

  24. Daniel Hauff Why would we want to give you are phone number or any personal information so you and your law breaking group can come break in to are barns

  25. If you have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t worry you.

    There are three distinct groups that are defenseless. Elderly, children, and animals. Children suffer abuse each and every day, elderly suffer abuse when they go to nursing homes (yes, some are reputable). However the mindset is the same. They are going to die anyway so who cares? They get bed sores, aren’t cleaned, they are physically abused, and it’s passed off as they fell or something. It’s the same with animals. Puppy mills stack dogs ontop of one another in cages, they sit in their own waste, diseased. So why would anyone think that animal husbandary, farm animals, are any different. To keep a clean, disease, humane operation takes a lot of work. The whole industry has become just a torture chamber for animals. Gone are the days of picturing a nice farm out in the country, with cows contented and grazing in the fields. It’s all now for a fast buck with no effort made to provide humane treatment. It’s a sick world out there. Dairy famers should stop for a moment and take that self annoited halo off their heads, look around, and ask themselves, am I doing right be these animals.

    You don’t need to kick an animal in the head to get them up. You don’t see expensive thoroughbred foals treated in the same manner. Ever hear of trying to lift the animal? Or using a hoist? My God, the excuses they farmers give is unbelievable. It’s what we’ve always done. Yeah, and they use to screw holes in the heads of ppl when they had a headache too. Get out of the dark ages will you?

  26. LCampbell,
    You are doing alot of assuming! You read something posted and jump all over it, looking for fault with MFA or the investigator. Why don’t you contact MFA and direct your questions to them? Including your USDA questions that you are so concerned about. Find out what channels they went through before assuming. Heck, if the farms were looked at more closely by people like you, this would be a wonderful world for animals. :-)
    Are you saying that ALL animal rights groups are getting information and video illegally? What about all the commercials being shown this month on Animal Planet, MTV and other channels? Showing animal abuse? These clips are taken from these very groups. Is everyone wrong except Conklin and his staff, as well as other factory farms?

  27. First off, I do not believe anything from MFA. By their own admission they commit criminal acts. Shall I list them for you? Burglary (a hen the named hope), Criminal Trespassing (the Ohio egg farms), and there’s lots more.

    Second, if the proper authorities had been contacted, why was that information withheld. Activists are quick to point a finger and assume someone is abusing animals yet when proper questions are asked, they disappear or change the subject. You stated “When the undercover video came out for the public to see, my first and second thoughts….
    1. what absolute hell farm animals are subjected to.”, you are the one assuming all farm animals are treated as shown in the video. You also stated; “I do go through all legal authorities and channels available. The video was just that, a video of what was going on at Conklin’s farm…for all to see and witness.” You typed those words. Your words directly lead the reader to the conclusion that you had knowledge prior to the video footage being released.

    Third, I would by no means give MFA any of my personal information so they could commit crimes against me.

    Animal Planet is a huge contributor to HSUS, both acknowledge it on their websites. Most groups such as MFA play to the younger generation (marketing 101 here) pay for advertisement on MTV. Even PETA and HSUS have campaigns to target young adults and children. Or are the pamphlets a ruse of CCF/Human Watch? Gary Conklin was cleared of charges by the State Vet.

    I’ve said it before, I will again. I do not condone abuse, from anyone. I am a responsible animal owner and I care for my animals. I don’t believe any outside organization should come into our state and dictate how to do things. Dept of Ag, both Federal and State have jurisdiction over the animals. Activists use tactics such as undercover video as a means to manipulate public opinion because most generally they have no valid information to go through the proper legal channels. The Buckeye Veal video was a complete joke and MFA’s own representative stated publicly that prior to the video, they had not spoken to the OLCSB and then threatened to use the 500K signatures against the Board, signatures which they openly stated they do not have. Buckeye Veal exceeds industry standard. They didn’t even try to talk to the Board, they just released month’s old video spliced together with other video. After that, they sent a letter.

    That is why I don’t believe MFA is a creditable source and I don’t need to talk to them, their actions speak for them. What is really amazing is that the HSUS at one time was a reputable organization that actually did some good, now they are driven by a power trip and money grabbing agenda to stop domestic animal ownership. Face the fact, if everyone didn’t eat meat, Wayne would get his wish of “one generation and out”. I doubt you would see anyone out walking the family pet cow on a leash down main street…or any other farm animal. No reason to breed them they would go extinct.

    And when they no longer have a use for you, you will be thrown away like a used klenex without a second thought.

  28. LCampbell, I did not film or edit the video! I did get the opportuntiy to see the entire original uncut and uncensored video though.
    I personally do go through all legal channels ~when I see or witness animal abuse~.
    I think you are assuming I was responsible for obtaining the undercover video at Conklin. That well deserved credit goes to the good people who obtained that footage for all to witness and be made aware of.

  29. The USDA has no authority on farms. There aren’t any federal laws to protect farmed animals while on the farm. The Ohio Department of Agriculture was involved in the case – this has been reported by the media. The org broke no laws. Please, get the facts straight.

    The MFA rep offered to speak with you, but you guys are just on here making accusations – over and over and over again. I’d love to hear how your conversation went. Please share. Did you reach out or are you not willing to learn about what happened? All these accusations “goading,” “lying,”

    The reps have stated that the farm was chosen at random, so we already know that there was no “prior knowledge” of abuse. So, that question was answered. I’m learning a lot about this just by researching the accusations being made on here!

    The unedited footage is with law enforcement. You actually accuse this organization of things that would be easily proven false with that footage. Do you think that in this farming community, our officials wouldn’t have already charged the org for anything they did wrong? It’s obvious to me that they are being totally up front.

    I read this article last night and had an email exchange with Mr. Hauff after reading his post, which is why I came back this morning. He offered to speak with me and we spoke for about 15 minutes. He was polite and open and answered my questions. He didn’t make accusations that he couldn’t back up (unlike I see here) and was very open about what they knew and what they didn’t know and the complexity of their investigation. He even offered to show me additional film of other employees via Skype. I don’t have an account, but may take him up on that offer. It’s apparently free. I told him about the continued debate on here and he said he could conference more than one person in on Skype. Who wants to see the additional evidence? I’m going out on a limb here, but if he was willing to show it to me, I’m sure he’d be willing to show it to others.

  30. Watching an animal being abused for 4 weeks and not doing anything to stop is is abuse.MFA along with others like ALF are terrorist groups that cause more harm to animals and thier owners then any other groups.

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