Hot Foods Co-op needs market goats


SALEM, Ohio – Market goat producers, Michael Nkrumah needs you.
Nkrumah started the Hot Foods Co-op about a year ago to keep his agricultural – and dietary – roots nourished.
An African immigrant from Ghana, Nkrumah wanted to keep growing and eating the foods he was accustomed to. And he wanted to help the more than 50,000 other African immigrants in the greater Columbus area keep their traditional foods on the table, too.
And that’s why he needs farmers’ help.
Immediate need. The Hot Foods Cooperative has an immediate need for market goats of any breed at least 50 pounds, Nkrumah said.
The group of immigrants are paying around $1 per pound, Nkrumah said, depending on location and transportation costs.
The cooperative is seeking as many growers as possible to feed their need for 20 goats per month.
About the co-op. The cooperative, which is owned and run by the African immigrants, recently obtained a grant for a feasibility study to determine whether the group could own and operate its own farm.
Other than chevon (goat meat), the co-op raises and eats vegetables like tomatoes, hot peppers and onions. Nkrumah said the members are also exploring raising snails.
Contribute. Contact Michael Nkrumah directly if you’ve got market goats to sell. He can be contacted at 614-329-6024.
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