Jefferson County Fair market livestock winners wrap up year in sale ring


ABOVE: The mime Joy Undescribable wandered into the junior fair market livestock sale at this year’s Jefferson County Fair, and helped the ringmen garner some bids. Check out this year’s livestock winners:

Scroll to end of results to see if you’re in a slideshow of photos taken at this year’s Jefferson County Fair. And be sure to scroll down even further to see the second slide show, which features some action from the mud bog!

Aug. 21, 2010
Sale Total: $175,656.62
Total Lots: 259


Number of Market Lots: 33
Average: $1.77/pound with champions

Grand champion: Branden DeFrank
Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 1,302 pounds
Buyer: Albert Automotives
Reserve champion: Malania Birney
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 1,352 pounds
Buyer: The Steer Syndicate
Jefferson County Best Bred: Tyler Ramsey
Rate-of-gain winner: Lorna Kovalchik
Junior showmanship: Sam Robinson
Intermediate showmanship: Abby Vein
Senior showmanship: Faith Jancura
Supreme showmanship: Branden DeFrank


Number of Market Lots: 133
Average: $2/pound with champions

Grand champion: Kally Tatar
Bid: $5.35/pound Weight: 274 pounds
Buyer: Riesbeck’s
Reserve champion: Caroline Williamson
Bid: $4.50/pound Weight: 270 pounds
Buyer: Valley Farm Meats/Strasburg Provisions
Junior showmanship/supreme showmanship: Taylor Mazzaferro
Intermediate showmanship: Cody Hopkins
Senior showmanship: Morgan Millhorn


Number of Market Lots: 32
Average: $3.10/pound with champions

Grand champion: Kiersten Harris
Bid: $10/pound Weight: 137 pounds
Buyer: DPS Penn
Reserve champion: Tiffany Ruckman
Bid: $3.50/pound Weight: 123 pounds
Buyer: Bonecutter Drilling
Junior showmanship: Brianna Piergallini
Intermediate showmanship: Brooke Piergallini
Senior and supreme showmanship:Kiersten Harris


Number of Market Lots: 18
Average: $164.44/head with champions

Grand champion: Holden Garrett
Bid: $300/head Weight: 91 pounds
Buyer: DPS Penn/Chesapeake Energy
Reserve champion: Timothy Smallwood
Bid: $250/head Weight: 66 pounds
Buyer: Rosebud Mining Co.
Junior showmanship: Kayla Huff
Intermediate showmanship: Rachel Zimmer


Number of Lots: 12
Average: $1.45/pound with champions

Grand champion: Trevor Waller
Bid: $1.45/pound Weight: 489 pounds
Buyer: Carrollton Livestock Auction
Reserve champion: Dustin McAfee
Bid: $1/pound Weight: 463 pounds
Buyer: D&J Sales and Service


(None of the champions sold)
Grand champion heifer: Kiersten Harris
Reserve champion heifer: Branden DeFrank
Grand champion feeder steer: Malania Birney
Reserve champion feeder steer: Branden DeFrank


Number of Pens of Three: 3
Average: $316.67/pen with champions

Grand champion: Hannah Means
Bid: $450/pen
Buyer: Professional Tire
Reserve champion: Brianna Meadows
Bid: $300/pen
Buyer: Lou Gentile, candidate for state representative.
Junior showmanship: Paige Everly
Intermediate showmanship: Jordan Vance
Senior showmanship: Courtney Jarman
Supreme showmanship: Hannah Means


Number of Pens of Three: 10
Average: $340/pen with champions

Grand champion: Michael Watkins
Bid: $500/pen
Buyer: Lamont and Esther McCoy
Reserve champion: Erin Hartzell
Bid: $450/pen
Buyer: Commissioner Tom Graham
Junior poultry showmanship: Sara Waggoner
Intermediate showmanship: Hunter Brown
Senior and supreme showmanship: Erin Hartzell


Number of Lots: 7
Average: $307.14/head with champions

Grand champion: Hunter Brown
Bid: $325/head
Buyer: Walmart
Reserve champion: Hayden Brown
Bid: $250/head
Buyer: Crestview Veterinary Clinic


Number of Lots: 2
Average: $325/pen with champions

Grand champion: Hayden Brown
Bid: $375/head
Buyer: Committee to Elect Dr. Frank Petrola
Reserve champion: Hunter Brown
Bid: $275/head
Buyer: Riesbeck’s


Number of Lots: 1

Grand champion: Billy Glover
Bid: $250/head
Buyer: Country Cottage Cafe

Outstanding Exhibitors:

Small Animals: Samantha Borsos
Rabbit: Hannah Means
Poultry: Katie Hartzell
Sheep: Kayla Vargo
Swine: Malania Birney
Horse: Nicole Jasper
Goat: Hunter Johnson
Dog: Megan Lecik
Beef: Abby Vein


Gary Cain, Brad Cain, Steve Birney, Rick Sponhaltz, Harry Grafton, Wayne Falb

Junior Fair Royalty:

King: Stephan Pavkovich Queen: Jessica Smarrella
Prince: Garrett Roach Princess: Leah Figurski

2010 Jefferson County Fair

Jefferson County Fair mud bog


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