Americans should spend more wisely



The AIG outrage is only an extension of the outrage that has been foisted on the American taxpayer for years and years by our elected officials who use the money we send them to buy our votes — only on a larger and more visible scale.

In 1967, an acquaintance of mine who lived on welfare and made no effort to earn a living asked me for a ride to the grocery store.

I took him and went in with him and observed what he purchased — cookies, candy, pop, cigarettes and a pound of bacon.

If all the junk that’s been purchased at our expense in the last 50 years were added up it would probably amount to more than the AIG bailout, but being done a few dollars here and a few dollars there, it’s just not as noticeable.

Bill McChesney
New Galilee, Pa.


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  1. 1967 was 42 years ago my man. Where have you been since then.
    1967 was the beginning of the height of the Vietnam War in which over 58,000 soldiers died needlessly and without the appreciation they deserved.
    I want to to know,what did you do, at that time. to contribute to help your country, in it’s hour of need!
    Also, I have now problem providing welfare to the poor, but I do providing welfare to the rich!


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