LETTER: Take all factors into consideration before voting for levy



Here are some things to consider as you are being informed of the facts pertaining to the building project and tax bond issue. Who is giving you all of these facts? The supporters of the project. Are there more facts we should know? Enrollment is declining, as is tax revenue collected, while schooling expenses are going up. Is this a healthy trend or a formula for disaster? Voters, you decide.

Do you believe our current building is beyond repair? Voters, you need to go look for yourselves. Look at the building as a whole, not just the areas pointed out by the support committee. You owe it to the entire school district to be informed when you vote.

We are told our building is beyond repair and cannot expect financial help to repair our building. Who made this decision? Why? Do they stand to gain from this decision? I wonder.

Will we have a better built building? I think our present building is far better built than any new buildings today. I believe with proper repairs and renovations, our school will last for many years to come and will be there to fill the needs of our district, whatever they may be in the future.

Voters, you need to check it out for yourself. Look at the quality of the new buildings in our area. Don’t just look at the shiny new, but the quality of materials and workmanship.

Will my property value go up with a new school as Mr. Logan has stated? I see property values going down in surrounding school districts, and some of them have new school buildings.

Will a new school improve the education of our children? I don’t know. United has an excellent rating now with the current building.

How will the computer age impact the education process 10, 15 or 20 years from now? Will we even need a school building, or will students sit at home with a computer? Voters, think about it.

The supporters want to tear down our school and replace it. What happened to “recycle”? Where will the non-recyclable go? It can’t all be recycled. There’s some more to think about.

The supporters have scheduled meetings and rallies to promote the bond issue and project. They have hired an expert to inform you of the facts. He is very good at what he has come to do. There are different ways to deliver facts. I am concerned that voters may be caught up in the hoopla of the rally meetings and be persuaded.

There is more at stake here than an evening of fun and entertainment. Don’t be a supporter just because you had fun and had your child’s face painted. Think for yourself as you go to vote. Examine the facts. Vote what you think is best for United Local Schools in November.

Thank you, whatever the outcome.

Gerald Walker
Hanoverton, Ohio

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