Make-A-Wish helps teen continue to do farm chores

Micah Ramunni, of Wadsworth, was all smiles when he saw his new golf cart and his service dog Maddie sitting in the back. The golf cart will let Micah continue to help on the family farm. (Catie Noyes photo)

WADSWORTH, Ohio — Fourteen-year-old Micah Ramunni, of Wadsworth, received a special surprise from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Aug. 28.

He could have asked for anything, but all Micah wanted was a golf cart so he could continue to work on his family’s farm.

“He’s his father’s right-hand man,” said his mother Renee Ramunni, of County Line Family Farm in Medina County.

County Line Farm is a half-acre organic produce operation that focuses on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Renee and her husband, Joe, run the farm with the help of their six children.

Joe and Renee adopted Micah at three months old after he had suffered a severe stroke and developed hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, which led to a severe seizure disorder.

“His brain was so impacted, they weren’t holding out too much hope that he was going to make it,” said Renee.

Micah survived, but developed cerebral palsy, extensive allergies and constant seizures triggered by perfumes and other scents, making it hard for him to leave his home.

Renee said they chose to start growing organic vegetables and meats because they are some of the few things Micah can eat without triggering his allergies. Because of his allergies and frequent seizures, Joe and Renee home-school Micah and he has learned the value of hard work and responsibility by working on the family farm.

As a young boy, Micah would drive a small child’s battery-operated John Deere Gator around to help transport vegetables and supplies around the farm until he outgrew the toy. Micah’s neurologist suggested they reach out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to see if they could get Micah the tools he needed to keep working on the farm.

Lake Erie Golf Cars worked with Make-A-Wish to customize a cart that would suit Micah’s needs. Seatbelts and a windshield were added to the cart and the cart was customized to reach a maximum speed of 12 mph for safety.

The reveal

The golf cart was brought to County Line Farm, where the Make-A-Wish team decorated the cart with balloons and signs for the big reveal. Dozens of family members and friends waited to surprise Micah.

When Micah arrived at the farm, he was overjoyed.

“What is this?” he yelled as he climbed out of his father’s truck and proceeded to run around the yard.

“He’s doing his happy dance,” said Renee, who said he does this when he is extremely happy. “He is thrilled.”

Micah Ramunni could have asked for anything from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The 14-year-old who suffers from a severe seizure disorder, asked for a golf cart so he could continue to work on his family’s farm in Medina County. (Catie Noyes photos)

His service dog, Maddie, was also happy to celebrate by chasing Micah around the yard and barking.

“(Micah) got Maddie for Christmas two years ago,” said Joe. They had an instant connection and Joe said she doesn’t like to be away from Micah for too long.

Once Micah was ready, his father went on the first ride with him around the farm with Maddie sitting in the back.

“I’m pretty excited,” was all Micah could say when he returned from his ride.

Now Micah will be able to haul vegetables, garden supplies and feed for their goats and chickens around the property.

“What’s important to him is being functional,” said Renee.


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Catie Noyes lives in Ashland County and earned a bachelor's degree in agriculture communications from The Ohio State University. She enjoys photography, softball and sharing stories about agriculture. Formerly a reporter for the Farm and Dairy, Catie is now pursuing her master's degree in education.


  1. What a great heart-warming story! That young man has such a look of joy on his face. Brings tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for bringing this story to others!

  2. Renee and Joe
    How awesome this story is! So glad to see your continuing journey to love and support special needs kids. Hope you continue! Best regards,
    Dawn Elesky (SAFY)😊


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