Thanks, Mom


She brought you into this world, watched you grow, taught you right from wrong and will love you always. She guided you through the good times and not-so-good times and instilled in you the knowledge needed to face and conquer the outside world. She has provided a support system that will be in place forever. Readers of all ages found a way to publicly share their admiration and say….’Thanks, Mom’

…for all you have done for me and all you probably will still do. Just don’t forget how very much I love you!

Annie Fox

Littleton, W.Va.

Mom is Lori Fox, Littleton

…for everything you do for me.

Matt Rhoads

Alliance, Ohio

Mom is Debbie Rhoads, Alliance

…for helping me be the person I am.

Rich Rhoads

Alliance, Ohio

Mom is Shirley Moulin, Alliance

…for being the best. We love you a big, fat bunch!

Brandon, Josh and Renee Steed

Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mom is Janet Steed, Canton, Ohio

…for showing your love to four children by example of your work ethic.

Gladys Kiplinger

Dalton, Ohio

Mom is Mildred Eyster, Richville, Ohio

…for being the best pit crew a girl could ever ask for!

Jan McClymonds

Portersville, Pa.

Mom is Berneice Shaffer, Portersville

…for raising such a great son.

Daughter-in-law Stephanie Kemp

Millersburg, Ohio

Mother-in-law is Dorothy Kemp, Bethesda, Ohio

…for making me who I am.

Tim Hays

Louisville, Ky.

Mom is Cyndi Hays, Washingtonville, Ohio

…for letting me bake cookies with you.

Ally Glass, Rootstown, Ohio

Mom is Amy Glass, Rootstown

…for protecting me and letting me have two pets.

Lauren Marie Glass, Rootstown, Ohio

Mom is Amy Glass, Rootstown

…for everything you have done for me all these years. I love you.

Brian C. Hays

Salem, Ohio

Mom is Cynthia L. Hays, New Brighton, Pa.

…for making me dinner.

Matthew Seabolt

Mom is Kymberly Seabolt

…for being funny.

Kassie Seabolt

Mom is Kymberly Seabolt

…for loving me dearly.

Samantha Pallotta

…for everything you do!

Madelyn Pallotta

…for being the best Mommy, teacher and cooker in the world.

Keturah Hamilton

Leetonia, Ohio

Mom is Deanna Hamilton, Leetonia

…for being the best Mommy in the whole wide world.

Ella Hamilton

Leetonia, Ohio

Mom is Deanna Hamilton, Leetonia

…for treating me like a son.

Son-in-law Eric Hamilton

Leetonia, Ohio

Mother-in-law is Oriana Reynolds, Leetonia

…for being a living example of ‘selflessness’, for understanding that ‘sewing’ and ‘Susan’ shouldn’t be used in the same sentence and for really great genetics.

Susan Crowell

Lisbon, Ohio

Mom is Miriam Miller, Walnut Creek, Ohio

…for always being there for us!

Amy Everhart

North Lawrence, Ohio

Mom is Joni Rohr, Canal Fulton, Ohio

…for always being there for us!

Scott Everhart

North Lawrence, Ohio

Mom is Janet Everhart, North Lawrence

…for helping me, giving me whatever I needed, always putting your children’s needs in front of your own and taking us to every practice and game.

Jesse Ledger

Cadiz, Ohio

Mom is Jackie Ledger, Cadiz

…for the love, care, food and home that you provided to me and my siblings.

Peggy Zimmerman

Salem, Ohio

Mom is Janet Zimmerman, Salem

…for being a constant for not only your child but your grandchildren and that has made all of the difference.

Nancy Geho

Leetonia, Ohio

Mom is Jean Blocksom, Lisbon, Ohio

….for teaching me to appreciate the finer things in life — art and music, somehow, as you chased four semi well-behaved children around the house and tried to maintain discipline and decorum.

Betsy Barringer

Lisbon, Ohio

Mom is Jean Hurd Blocksom

…for always loving unconditionally and being my mother!

Tina Glass

Akron, Ohio

Mom is Beverly Hammond, Paris, Ohio

…for always putting us first — you are the number one Mom!

Kelly C.

West Salem, Ohio

Mom is Lora C.

…for your love and friendship.

Mary Kay Kollat

Canfield, Ohio

Mom is Barbara Olbrych, Youngstown, Ohio

…for being the special star in our lives, making us strong and polite!

Morgan, Maddox and Madelyn

Mom is Angela French, Minerva, Ohio

…for always putting us first and yourself last, you are the most loving, giving, selfless person we know and we are better people because of you! We love you!

Matt, Nicki and Emma Grace Miklos

Westfield Center, Ohio

Brad Sieniawski

Litchfield, Ohio

Mom is Debbie Sieniawski, Litchfield

The events over the last few months have made me realize you are one of the strongest women I have ever known.

Sally Hays

Guilford Lake, Ohio

Mom is Janet Hays, Kensington

Mom, has sis taken you to the car wash for an updo lately?

Debbie Dockus

Sullivan, Ohio

Mom is Barb Weaver, Glenville, W.Va.

To salute Betty Barkley, New Waterford, Ohio…..

Mom, you mean the world to me and I love you.

Keith Barkley

Leetonia, Ohio

I feel blessed with knowing you, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your life.

Linda Barkley

Leetonia, Ohio

Mom, thanks for all the love and hard work you put into all our lives.

Fred Barkley

Salem, Ohio

Thanks, Mom, for everything you have done for me and for always being there, especially Thursday nights.

Laurie Travis

Colonial Heights, Va.

Mom, I remember you asking me on my eighth birthday what I wanted for dinner that day….your fried chicken, of course. It was always the best.

Ellen Swake

Tulsa, Okla.

Mom, I remember you fixing my hair for junior high dances and how you helped me with a money problem when I was all grown up. Love you.

Kathy Barkley

Warren, Ohio

Mom, we all love you! Thanks for having the strength and endurance to put up with the seven of us all these years. God bless you!

Anne Benner

Columbiana, Ohio

Mom, thanks for all the years of being there for us.

Sandy Bates

Tulsa, Okla.

Here are a couple entries for grandmas…..

Thanks for being the best you can be for Alex and me.

Melanie Galland

Belleville, W.Va.

Grandma is Sarah Galland, Belleville

Happy Mother’s Day to the best cow grandma on the earth.

Matthew Kemp

Millersburg, Ohio

Hannah and Jonathon Kemp, Bethesda, Ohio

Jacob Kemp, Trenton, Ohio


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