Monday, January 30, 2023
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The Beginning Farmer Tax Credit is now available to those who've recently entered the field and those who help beginning farmers.

Land access continues to be the top challenge for young farmers in 2022, according to a new survey report from the National Young Farmers Coalition. It was the top challenge in 2017, and since then, finding affordable land to farm has only gotten more difficult for many.

The Ohio legislature passed a bill that could help make the road to farming easier for beginning farmers. House Bill 95 authorizes tax credits both for beginning farmers who attend a financial management program, and for people and businesses who sell or rent farmland, equipment, livestock or buildings to beginning farmers.

Appalachia has unique challenges, but also opportunities for beginning farmers. Rural Action is helping farmers in the region take advantage of that potential through mentorship and business planning.

The Ohio House passed House Bill 95, the Family Farm Regeneration Act, which authorizes tax credits to help beginning farmers get access to land and other resources, June 28. It goes to the Senate for consideration next.

It's not easy to be a beginning farmer. But for Black farmers and others who face discrimination, past and present injustices add another layer of challenges.

Living City Farms started out as an urban farm for Ms. Julie’s Kitchen, a vegan restaurant, in Akron. It’s growing bigger than that, now. But it’s still relying on connections to the restaurant and community.

Some would call farmers the ultimate jacks — or jills — of all trades. But when it comes to farming, it’s not just about what you know — it’s who you know, and what they know.

The Sheplers started farming "without a farm" but they soon found a home of their own. The way they got their land was the opposite of a traditional real estate transaction.

Today, the world looks very different than it did in the early 1900s. And yet, some of the same obstacles to farming remain: capital and land access, knowledge, discrimination. In some cases, they’ve gotten worse. Getting into farming, especially as a first generation farmer, is complicated.