Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Learning to identify birds by their voices is a great way to improve your confidence in your knowledge of nature.

Scott Shalaway helps his grandson set up his first bluebird nest box.

Now is the time to build or buy nest boxes so birds have time to accept them as part of their habitat. Follow these tips and tricks to get it right.

If you start feeding birds in the winter do you have to continue to do so? The simple answer is "no."

Kinglets winter across the lower 48 states, but some golden crowns remain as far north as Maine and northeastern Canada.

Individual nature lovers around the world have joined forces to celebrate the "Year of the Bird" and commit to protecting birds for the next hundred years.

To attract birds to your feeder, you have to consider the seed you’re using, the type of feeder you have and what water sources are available.

If you're seeing gulls this winter, it's probably cold, you're probably a few miles from a lake or river and there's probably an open dumpster nearby.

In the fall, we await the reappearance of migratory birds that return to us from the north. Among the first to appear are Dark-eyed juncos.

Looking for a great holiday gift for an outdoorsman? Check out Scott Shalaway's annual list of books for outdoor lovers.
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