Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Julie Geiss enjoys the company of all her feathered visitors from her porch.

Things have been much more colorful on Judith Sutherland's small farm the last couple of weeks, largely because of the return of the songbirds.

The birding boardwalk at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area will re-open April 15 after repairs were made following damage from a storm.

Killdeer are shorebirds, but many live in farm fields with short vegetation. They are relentless in protecting their nests and use a few tactics to do so.

Learn how to find and identify different types of birds in Ohio and get started birding regardless of the season.

Thousands of ducks, gulls and other birds fly in from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Newfoundland and the Arctic to winter on Lake Erie and other Great Lakes.

Although the cause of the illness that affected some species of songbirds across Ohio is still unknown, the ban on feeding birds has been lifted.

Julie Geiss enjoys the cardinals near her home and shares some facts about their nesting, mating and molting habits.

As Judith Sutherland took down her bird feeders, she hoped answers to explain the strange disease affecting songbirds would come sooner rather than later.

There have been reports of sick or dying birds found around Ohio and in nearby states. Find out how to recognize the symptoms and report incidences.