Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Scott Shalaway gives a rundown of his favorite bird feeders and details what to look for when making your selection.

The colder months are here, it's time review the best foods to offer backyard birds.

Earlier this month, residents of Gilbert, Minnesota were alarmed by flocks of birds behaving erratically. Find out what causes birds to get drunk.

Mixed flocks of birds frequent feeders during fall and winter. Offer suet and sunflower seeds and learn to identify the "social climbers."

After nesting, molting is the most important thing birds do. Feathers are critical for survival.

Scott Shalaway details what happens to birds during storms such as Hurricane Florence.

Migratory birds and butterflies will soon begin their journey head south for the winter. Learn more about what species to watch for this fall.

Here are a few four-letter words that guarantee year-round outdoor fun.

The house finch is a small songbird about the size of the house sparrow with a large beak, short wings, and a long, notched tail.

To watch an active purple martin nest in Erie, Pennsylvania, simply visit and click on the nest cam link.
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