Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Migratory birds and butterflies will soon begin their journey head south for the winter. Learn more about what species to watch for this fall.

Here are a few four-letter words that guarantee year-round outdoor fun.

The house finch is a small songbird about the size of the house sparrow with a large beak, short wings, and a long, notched tail.

To watch an active purple martin nest in Erie, Pennsylvania, simply visit and click on the nest cam link.

It's not too late to put up a nectar feeder for hummers because feeder activity will peak from mid-July through early September.

Judith Sutherland's bountiful grove of cherry trees has brought an abundance of beautiful birds, some of which she has never seen before.

Scott Shalaway shares his favorite birds of the spring migration.

Not all blackbirds are black. Red-winged blackbirds and brightly colored orioles are members of the blackbird family.

The Ohio Ornithological Society is now accepting sign ups for guided beginner birding tours during the International Migratory Bird Day weekend.

Learning to identify birds by their voices is a great way to improve your confidence in your knowledge of nature.
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