Sunday, December 3, 2023
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At the Big Wheeling Agrarian Center, Matt Pounds and several other first generation farmers are building a diversified, “full diet” farm, which will also serve as training grounds for other beginning farmers in the area.

Josh and Crystal Fluharty moved to the farm in 2012 and started to reclaim the land. It has been in the family since 1903, but not farmed since the '70s. Learn what their plans are for this growing season.

The Hilltop Alliance, in South Pittsburgh, has made plans for the Hilltop Urban Farm. Soon to be a 23-acre farm used to educate and support the community.

Many farmers have growing interest in direct sales. Here are five direct sales channels for farmers to put food to fork.

Community supported agriculture, or CSA, has helped this Coshocton County grower reach the big market.

Community supported agriculture, or CSAs, are farming operations that allow individuals to purchase a share of what the farmer produces.

Interest in Community Supported Agriculture program remains strong.