Friday, March 5, 2021
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Learn more about assistance programs that can help dairy farmers.

Milk delivery services got a boost this spring, with people trying to avoid crowded grocery stores with bare shelves and support local businesses.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued emergency guidance that allows dairy farmers to discharge milk on land.

The U.S. has too much milk. Past attempts to curb the flow haven’t been successful or popular. But farmers may be coming around to supply management plans.

One of the owners of Progressive Dairy Systems bought more than 500 gallons of milk to give to local food pantries and others families in need.

After a perfect storm of bad situations, dairy farmers and processors are trying to find a sustainable way forward in this new world.

The Pennsylvania Dairymen's Association launched a family resources addition to its dairy-themed website for all ages to enjoy from home.

The Center for Dairy Excellence is working to ensure Pennsylvania dairy farms have contingency plans in place to protect their employees and businesses.

Discover Dairy has launched a virtual learning library for elementary and middle school teachers and students.

Learn more about the hazards of incomplete milking and how to monitor instances of it among your herd.