Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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On Aug. 10, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the ReadOhio initiative, a statewide effort to encourage improved literacy skills for all ages.

The Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center will be offering a variety of opportunities on weekends in August to get out and learn about nature.

Up to $7,000 per person is available to Ohioans with disabilities for college, training and credentialing programs for the 2023 fall term.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection awarded over $1 million in Environmental Education Grants to 73 projects.

CAPS was selected for its innovative effort to use an agricultural focus to expand student learning and meet the needs of the whole child, according to a release from the Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation, which nominated the program for the award.

Soft skills are just as important as hard skills at school, in extracurriculars and in the work force.

Matthew Ruff from Circleville, Ohio, develops corn business that's for the squirrels. It began as an FFA supervised agricultural experience and has grown into a robust online business.

As education is transitioning out of old vocational schools into competitive advanced career-focused programs, options for students are increasing, waiting lists are common and the competitive nature of the programs are surging.

Discovery World in Parkersburg, West Virginia, is in the final stages of exhibit construction and the sternwheeler in the museum stands out.

Giant leopard moths can be found throughout eastern North America. With a wide variety of food sources, they are one of the easiest caterpillars to raise.